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Richard James Releases New Space Precinct Book

Space Precinct Unmasked: Out Now!

Richard James – the man behind the mask of Officer Orrin in Gerry Anderson’s Space Precinct has released his new book: Space Precinct Unmasked!

Space Precinct BookRichard says:

“You know how sometimes you tell people about something you’ve done and they say ‘You should write a book about that’? Well, I have! Twenty years ago today a TV series in which I played an alien police officer had its first broadcast in the US. Gerry Anderson’s ‘Space Precinct’ cost a million dollars per episode and was filmed at the world famous Pinewood Studios.”

To mark its twentieth anniversary, I’ve written a book about it. Featuring contributions from cast and crew, missing scenes and candid photographs, ‘Space Precinct – Unmasked’ is the definitive work on producing Gerry Anderson’s last live-action series.

If you have any interest in TV production, science fiction or the life of an actor, ‘Space Precinct – Unmasked’ is for you! But then, I would say that!

This is undoubtedly the definitive Space Precinct book.

Space Precinct Unmasked is now available on Amazon, and signed copies are available from the Official Gerry Anderson shop.

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