Robert Harrop Release Limited Edition Dick Spanner Figurine

Dick Spanner FigurineRobert Harrop – best known for their Supermarionation collectibles – have produced an exclusive Dick Spanner figurine which is available for a limited time.

Produced in association with Anderson Entertainment, Robert Harrop’s exclusive Dick Spanner figurine has been especially created in celebration of Andercon, the first official Gerry Anderson event organised by Gerry Anderson’s son Jamie. It is a Time Limited Edition only available from 19th April until 30th June, 2014

You can get your figure now from:

Each figurine will be individually numbered and will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Jamie Anderson.

Dick Spanner, P.I. is a 1986 British stop-motion animated comedy series which parodied Chandleresque detective shows. In a parallel universe to our own, wisecracking robot private detective Dick Spanner, voiced by Shane Rimmer, becomes involved in a series of increasingly bizarre cases. A virtual menagerie of fantastic science fiction characters and vehicles, the show made frequent use of puns and visual gags.


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