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Samira Ahmed’s Space 1999 Mastermind Round – Tonight at 6:30PM

Samira Ahmed Space 1999 Mastermind

Gerry Anderson fans in the UK may be interested in tonight’s edition of Celebrity Mastermind – the Champion of Champions edition. It features Samira Ahmed’s Space 1999 specialist round in the opening of the competition!

Samira is a journalist and broadcaster and will appear in a replica Space:1999 costume (showing her true commitment to the show!) loaned to her by James Winch.

Samira Ahmed and her three rivals
Samira Ahmed and her three Mastermind rivals

You can watch the episode on BBC One at 6:30pm tonight – 27th December 2019. It will be available afterwards to watch via the iPlayer.

Samira has previously appeared on the Gerry Anderson Podcast with friend and colleague Kevin Fong – discussing their love of Space:1999 and all things Gerry Anderson.


Everyone here will be crossing their fingers for Samira – good luck!

Will you be watching Samira Ahmed’s Space 1999 Mastermind Round? Let us know!

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