Space: 1999 Eagle on The Big Bang Theory

If you’re out in the States and watched the most recent episode, then you may have spotted the Space: 1999 Eagle on the Big Bang Theory!

So many of the team working on the show are fans of Gerry Anderson shows like Space: 1999 and Thunderbirds, that after a brief meeting at San Diego Comic Con between the show’s science advisor David Salzburg and Jamie Anderson, arrangements were made to get one of Round 2’s Eagle kits onto the set. The kit box is on full display featuring the partially built eagle, and is one of the Gerry Anderson special edition eagle kits (of which some are still available to buy from the Gerry Anderson shop).

Space 1999 eagle on the big bang theory
Thanks to Paul Bens for the screen-caps


We think it’s great that a Gerry Anderson show is being recognised as part of international pop culture in the smash hit TV series.

A small number of the kits are still available
A small number of the kits are still available

Did you see the eagle? Let us know!

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