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Space 1999 The Vault to be Released this September!

Space 1999 The Vault

[UPDATED 3 AUGUST 2021] Space 1999 The Vault will now be released at the end of October 2021 and is available to pre-order at the Gerry Anderson Store.

Space:1999 fans, rejoice! As revealed by author and publisher Marcus Hearn on Pod 37 of the Gerry Anderson Podcast, Space 1999 The Vault is to be released this September, in time for Breakaway Day.

Previous volumes of these Gerry Anderson treasure troves include Thunderbirds The Vault, and Captain Scarlet The Vault, with each featuring a fantastic array of production and merchandise photographs, and history from the shows’ productions.

Space 1999 The Vault promises to be no less spectacular, with author and Space: 1999 expert Chris Bentley having already started work on the next lavishly illustrated tome in this series of very popular books.

Further news and previews will be forthcoming – you might want to stay tuned to the Gerry Anderson email newsletter for news, offers and announcements about this project and others. And Space 1999 The Vault will be available from the Gerry Anderson Store later this year.


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