Space Precinct 20th Anniversary Reunion Report

Actors who played aliens in Space Precinct

Richard James – best known to Anderson fans as Officer Orrin in Space Precinct – sent us this report from the Space Precinct 20th Anniversary reunion lunch which happened last weekend.

Twenty years can seem a lifetime, but it passes in the blink of an eye. This weekend marked the twentieth anniversary of the BBC2 broadcasts of Gerry Anderson’s ‘Space Precinct’. His last live action show, ‘Space Precinct’ was filmed at Pinewood Studios in 1994/95 and, after a premiere on the fledgling Sky satellite TV channel, came to terrestrial television on September 18th 1995 with the screening of ‘Protect and Survive’. Such a prestigious anniversary could not go unmarked. Something had to be done!

Over the years a good many of the cast and crew have kept in touch and so it was decided to muster as many of us as possible for a reunion lunch. Of course it’s always difficult to find a date to suit everyone but, in the end, we had a healthy representation of both on and off-screen talent.

Having played Officer Orrin in the series, it’s always a pleasure to meet up with my old sparring partner Lou Hirsch, who played Officer Romek. Lou has a very different view of filming the series to me, and a cynicism that I can’t help but find amusing!

Richard James and Lou Hirsch Space Precinct

We were also joined by David Quilter who played Sergeant Fredo and a handful of other parts besides. So much for the aliens – we were also delighted to welcome two series editors and their assistants.

Richard James and David Quilter from Space Precinct

Jason Krasucki edited ten or so of the twenty-four episodes while Mat Glenn cut a few towards the end of the run. Mags Arnold was assistant editor for the entire year as was Charlotte Serpell (it would have been rude not to invite her as she is now my wife!).

Matt Glen and the editors

Together we enjoyed a fantastic meal, raised a glass to absent friends and colleagues and relived many memories. Lou was chiefly concerned with recounting the horrors of wearing ‘that f***ing mask’ to any one who would listen, while Charlotte and Mags enjoyed the opportunity to rekindle a friendship that is now two decades old.

Space Precinct editors

I hadn’t seen Matt or Jason for many years and it was great to see that they were still very active in the industry and had fond memories of our year at Pinewood. David Quilter, who now lives in Suffolk, had come the furthest and was full of stories about his latest acquisition; a folding kayak!

Having taken a few photographs for the scrapbook (some posed to look exactly like some shots I have from our wrap party in 1995), it was time for us to say our goodbyes, but not before we had vowed not to wait another twenty years before meeting again.

Actors who played aliens in Space Precinct

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