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Space Precinct Comic Price Reduced!

Space Precinct Comic Space Precinct Reloaded price reduced

To celebrate the recent news that Space Precinct will be coming out on DVD this November, we’re slashing the price of the Space Precinct comic ‘Space Precinct Reloaded’ – the prequel comic – from £7.99 to £5.99.

About Space Precinct Reloaded…

10 years before Brogan arrives on Altor, follow Lt Fontane and Sergeant Podly as they battle the darker side of Demeter City.

A horrific black market operation, “snack trafficking” – run by the worst that Demeter City’s criminal underworld has to offer, is threatening humans across the city. But the Precinct 88 team is on the case! The comic is 32 pages long and is written and coloured by Chris Thompson, illustrated by Connor Flannagan, and edited by Andrew Clements.

If you’ve not tried Space Precinct Reloaded yet, then now is the time!


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