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Space:1999 – Dragon’s Domain from Big Finish Productions!

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The story details and cover artwork are today revealed for the brand new box set of Space:1999 full-cast audio dramas, due for release in May 2023 from Big Finish Productions. The BAFTA-winning actor Mark Bonnar stars as Commander John Koenig in the third volume of outer-space adventures – based on Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s ITV series that launched in 1975.

As the people of Moonbase Alpha continue their odyssey through space on their wandering Moon, the longterm influences of their recent alien encounters start to impact upon their course. But first, an infinity of possibilities opens up for them, with terrifying consequences.

Space:1999 Dragon’s Domain is now available to pre-order as a 3-disc collector’s edition CD box set (+ download for just £19.99) or as a digital download only (for just £16.99), exclusively from www.bigfinish.com.

Skull in the Sky by Marc Platt

There’s a deluge upon the Moon that will change everything forever. The Alphans must adapt and relationships will change. Then, above them, a portent of doom arrives.


The Godhead Interrogative by Nicholas Briggs

Dashka Kano has been working on translating the alien script on Zantor’s artefact. She’s beginning to make progress when one hundred objects are detected, advancing towards the Moon. Dashka’s skills will be tested to the limit by the force of an ancient civilisation.


Dragon’s Domain by Nicholas Briggs

Dr Helena Russell relates a tale of hope, terror and tragedy. The Alphans discover a potential means to enact the will of their referendum and return to Earth. But the Ultra mission will be a journey into unimaginable horror.

Director, script editor, and writer Nicholas Briggs said: “The strength of Skull in the Sky is that it takes the characters who we know and love so well and does something ever so slightly different with them.”

“The fundamental idea of The Godhead Interrogative was to have Dashka Kano and her computer skills and linguistics key to the solution of the story. It evolved from wanting to give Kano a great adventure.”

“Dragon’s Domain is a storyline from the original TV series that everyone remembers. It involves a horrible monster that mindlessly slaughters people in the most disgusting fashion. We definitely knew that this is one of the episodes that we wanted to adapt.”

“We all put so much love and energy into this box set. I really hope that listeners enjoy it.” 

Returning to the audio series alongside Mark Bonnar in the talented cast is Maria Teresa Creasey (as Dr Helena Russell), Clive Hayward (as Professor Victor Bergman), Timothy Bentinck (as Space Commissioner Simmons), Glen McCready (as pilot Alan Carter), Susan Hingley (as scientist Sandra Benes) and Amaka Okafor (as computer expert Dashka Kano).

All the above prices include the special pre-order discount and are subject to change after general release.

Big Finish listeners can catch up with Space 1999 Volume 1 and 2 by purchasing them together in a bundle for just £38 (download only) and the feature-length audio reimagining of the original TV series pilot episode, Breakaway, is also available to own for just £14.99 as a digital download from www.bigfinish.com.

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