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Spectrum in Action: A List of Captain Scarlet Vehicle Appearances

Across the thirty-two episodes of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Spectrum employed a variety of vehicles and craft to fend off attacks by their Martian opponents – but some machines were seen more often than others! Here’s a guide to the on-screen appearances made by Spectrum air and ground forces during the course of the series.


Spectrum’s aerial headquarters is seen all episodes of the series except for The Inquisition.

Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle

SPVS are seen in action in all episodes of Captain Scarlet except the following thirteen: Operation Time, Renegade Rocket, White as Snow, Seek and Destroy, Spectrum Strikes Back, Lunarville 7, The Heart of New York, Flight to Atlantica, Crater 101, Dangerous Rendezvous, Flight 104, The Launching, and Attack on Cloudbase. One is also seen in Traitor, but only via reused footage from The Mysterons.

Angel interceptors

Spectrum’s primary aerial combat force, the Angel interceptors are seen on the deck of Cloudbase in all episodes of the series except The Inquisition (the only episode of the series in which we don’t see the base itself). Of those remaining thirty-one episodes, they are seen deployed from Cloudbase in all of them except Lunarville 7, Crater 101 and Noose of Ice.

Spectrum Saloon Car

The Spectrum Saloon (or Spectrum Patrol Car) is seen on the road in the following twelve episodes; The Mysterons, Winged Assassin, Big Ben Strikes Again, Manhunt, Seek and Destroy, The Trap, The Heart of New York, Dangerous Rendezvous, Treble Cross, Place of Angels, The Launching, and Codename Europa.

Maximum Security Vehicle

Spectrum’s heavily armoured V.I.P. carrier, the Maximum Security Vehicle only appears in three episodes of Captain Scarlet; The Mysterons, Winged Assassin, and Manhunt.

Spectrum passenger jet

Often used to transport personnel to and from Cloudbase, the SPJ was seen in the episodes The Mysterons, Winged Assassin, Point 783, Seek and Destroy, Avalanche, The Trap, The Heart of New York, Traitor, Fire at Rig 15, Flight to Atlantica, Dangerous Rendezvous, Place of Angels, The Launching, and Codename Europa.

Spectrum helicopter

Various Spectrum helicopters were seen in operation in the episodes The Mysterons, Point 783, Shadow of Fear, Dangerous Rendezvous and Expo 2068. The episode Traitor also reuses footage of a Mysteronised Spectrum helicopter’s attack on Captain Blue from The Mysterons.

Yellow Fox tanker

Seemingly an ordinary petrol tanker, Spectrum employed this armoured vehicle as a secret V.I.P. transporter in the episodes Winged Assassin and Dangerous Rendezvous.


Used to transport a large number of delegates from Cloudbase to the conference centre at Glengarry Castle in the episode The Trap, the Magnacopter only appears again as part of the flashback to the events of that episode in The Inquisition.

Radar van

Deployed to assist in the search for Captain Black in Manhunt, these vehicles only reappeared again as stock footage in Treble Cross.


Although it appeared in several comic strip stories, the Spectrum hovercraft made its single screen appearance in the episode Traitor.


Have we missed any appearances, and which of these Captain Scarlet vehicles was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Chris Dale

Writer, editor & voice actor on Big Finish's Doctor Who, Terrahawks, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet audio ranges. Host of the Randomiser on the Gerry Anderson Podcast.

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