Sram Attacks! – A Gerry Anderson A21 News Report

by A21 Reporter Andy Clems

The Terrahawks have just returned from one of their most dangerous missions to date after a heated confrontation with Sram, Lord of Felony, in the dense Amazon rainforest.

Lieutenant Hiro alerted Hawknest that a modified ZEAF was approaching Earth late on Thursday evening. Doctor Tiger Ninestein ordered the alien craft to be destroyed, but before Hiro could comply, Spacehawk was rocked by a sonic wave of phenomenal destructive power. As as result, the alien intruder was able to slip past the space battleship and was tracked to a landing site in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Wasting no time, Doctor Ninestein and Captain Mary Falconer launched Battlehawk and set off for the ZEAFs reported position, carrying a full compliment of Zeroids.

On arrival, the Terrahawks team discovered that a great swathe of rainforest had been cleared. Captain Falconer recalls, “It was as if that particular area had been hit by an immensely powerful hurricane. Trees had been broken in half and ripped up by the roots, some of them more than six feet in diameter. It was very unsettling.”

Doctor Tiger Ninestein, Commander of the Terrahawks

Landing at the edge of the clearing, Captain Falconer deployed the Battletank and Zeroids to scout ahead, while Doctor Ninestein detached the Terrahawk to patrol the sky over the target area. It wasn’t long before the combined forces reached the enemy craft. “It was deserted”, Ninestein said, “Not a sign of life. I often expect the unexpected, so I wasn’t entirely surprised.”

Fanning out from the alien craft, the Battletank detected a lone life-sign and moved to investigate when, like Spacehawk, it was struck by a terrific blast of sonic disruption. The force of the attack left the Battletank crippled and unable to return fire. Meanwhile, the Terrahawk had a fix on the source of the disruption and opened fire with a volley of laser blasts. The sonic disruption ceased and Terrahawk flew lower to investigate. As it was skimming just above the canopy of the trees, the aircraft was smashed by another sonic attack and crashed into the jungle.

Fortunately Doctor Ninestein and Captain Falconer were unhurt, but remained trapped in the flight deck as several large trees had collapsed on top of the Terrahawk. It was then that their attacker revealed himself, walking through the trees towards the downed craft.

“Sram, Zelda’s alien henchman with the power of the Thunder Roar”, said Ninestein. The Terrahawks had battled the powerful foe before, and were all too aware of the danger he posed. As Sram’s jaws opened to project another devastating attack at point blank range, Sergeant Major Zero and five of his fellow Zeroids burst from the trees with a great cry of, “GERONIMO!!!”

Struck by the Zeroids, Sram staggered and fell, only to vanish a few seconds later. “Zelda reclaims her own”, Captain Falconer explained. With the aid of the Zeroids, the Terrahawk was freed from under the debris and had just enough power to reconnect with Battlehawk before returning to Hawknest for repairs.

The fight against the Android Menace continues.

Written by
Andrew Clements

A writer, film maker and self confessed Gerry Anderson fanatic. Free to good home.

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