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Stingray: Deadly Uprising – New Exclusive Multi-Platform Saga to Celebrate Stingray’s 60th Anniversary!

Stand by for the deadly uprising!

Anderson Entertainment is proud to unveil its plans to celebrate Stingray‘s 60th anniversary. Stingray: Deadly Uprising is a hugely ambitious multi-platform narrative which tells an electrifying new Stingray saga across novellas, audiobooks, comics, and a live full-cast performance. The adventure begins with the forthcoming concert Stand By for Action 2: Tunes of Danger on July 13th, 2024 at the Birmingham Symphony Hall, and continues throughout the remainder of the year with a variety of exciting releases.

Stingray: Deadly Uprising provides fans with an unprecedented adventure for Captain Troy Tempest and the Stingray crew as they face their biggest threat yet…

Witness the cunning Titan launch his most audacious plot yet against the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP), forging alliances with sinister undersea races and hijacking Marineville’s latest technological marvel. It’s up to Troy Tempest, along with the valiant Stingray crew, to thwart Titan’s nefarious plans, protect Marineville and prevent the conquest of the surface world.

This brand new epic forms part of Anderson Entertainment’s newly expanded licence with ITV Studios to bring new adventures to life based on Gerry and Sylvia’s classic Supermarionation heroes across comics, novels and audio releases.

Each release forms part of the overall Deadly Uprising narrative, but can also be enjoyed as individual adventures, allowing for a unique storytelling experience never attempted before for Stingray.

Stingray: Deadly Uprising is primarily told across five unique productions, detailed below:

1. “Deadly Concerto” – Live Performance

Our adventure kicks off on stage with Deadly Concerto, a live performance to be held at Anderson Entertainment’s Stand by for Action 2! concert, where Titan discovers a new alliance and the secrets of a lost race. Using their musical abilities to control creatures and people, they pose a new threat. Marina’s unique connection might just be the key to thwarting this dangerous power play.

2. “The Titanican Stratagem” – Novella & Audiobook #1

In Chris Dale’s novel, a daring raid on Marineville is merely the first stage in an audacious scheme by Titan to achieve final victory over the terraneans! The undersea despot is hunting for new allies– but has he made a fatal mistake with the first recruits to his cause?

As the Stingray crew deals with the fallout of Titan’s latest scheme, the team at Marineville – including new arrival Lieutenant Sara Coral– embarks on a rescue mission to save them, but some old enemies are planning to end the war between Marineville and Titanica – with the obliteration of both sides.

3. “Tales from the Depths” – Comic Anthology Volume 1

This anthology combines TV Century 21 classics with five brand-new stories, introducing different undersea races and escalating tensions. From jailbreaks to new alliances, each tale pushes Stingray’s crew closer to Titan’s trap, culminating in a cliffhanger that sets the stage for an all-out conflict.

4. “Project Orca” – Novella & Audiobook #2

In the aftermath, with Stingray damaged, Bob Ayres’s novella unveils the theft of a new piece of technology– part of X20’s desperate bid to regain favour with Titan. The theft sets off a chain of events that pit the repaired Stingray against an overwhelming alliance.

5. “Battle Lines” – Comic Anthology #2

The saga concludes in this anthology, combining additional classic comic strip adventures with five more brand-new stories where desperate measures lead to alliances both made and broken. As Titan’s forces launch a decisive assault on Marineville turning the terraneans’ might against them, it’s up to Stingray and newfound allies to defend their home.

Both The Titanican Stratagem and Project Orca can be enjoyed either as full-length novellas or audiobooks, read by Wayne Forrester and Nicholas Briggs, respectively. The comic anthologies also serve as the latest instalments in Anderson Entertainment’s ever-popular range of classic comic collections. As well as showcasing brand new Stingray comic strip adventures, both Tales from the Depths and Battle Lines gather together Stingray’s classic comics adventures across TV Century 21, Countdown and beyond, with painstakingly restored artwork and comprehensive features which capture Stingray‘s comic book history.

Further details on each of these releases will be coming soon and for those eager to immerse themselves in this aquatic adventure, our newly launched mini-site promises to be your primary destination to keep up to speed for all the information and news about Stingray: Deadly

Don’t forget to also book your tickets for the Stand By for Action 2: Tunes of Danger concert in Birmingham to be there for the exciting kick-off of Deadly Uprising, as well as to enjoy a delightful evening of musical goodness with performances of music from across Gerry Anderson’s career. Tickets are still on sale, including VIP tickets, which include a pre-show meet-and-greet as well as an exclusive goodie bag.

Stingray: Deadly Uprising promises to be a spectacular multi-platform experience which will plunge fans into the heart of an enthralling and unforgettable new adventure, commemorating the 60th anniversary of one of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s greatest productions. Even more surprises will be revealed in due course – stand by for action!

Written by
Fred McNamara

Atomic-powered writer/editor. Website editor at Official Gerry Anderson. Author of Flaming Thunderbolts: The Definitive Story of Terrahawks. Also runs Gerry Anderson comic book blog Sequential 21.

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