Stingray: The Lodgers of Lemoy

Commander Shore speaking! Here at Marineville security is our number one priority…but every now and then, despite our very best efforts, the odd security breach does still occur! Curiously, many of those breaches seem to in some way involve various residents of the house on the island of Lemoy – but is that a coincidence, or is something more sinister going on? Let’s take a look at the various tenants, lodgers and other occupants of that house, and see if we can’t find some kind of common factor in all these cases…

Professor Sanders

A speech therapist who claimed to be able to teach people to speak, Professor Sanders was staying at the house on Lemoy when he wrote to Marineville asking for permission to give a lecture at the base. Troy and Phones were naturally keen to get him to help Marina, but Sanders soon turned out to be one of Titan’s agents as he used recordings of their voices to gain access to Marineville via the ocean door and place a bomb in Stingray’s pen. Thankfully this plan was foiled by Troy, and this ‘Sanders’ character has so far never been seen again following his departure from (and failed attempt to destroy) Marineville, either on Lemoy or at his surgery on Western Avenue.

Old man

Currently believed to be the genuine owner of the Lemoy cottage, this elderly gentleman greeted Troy and Phones during their hunt for another of Titan’s confirmed surface agents; the movie financier Mr. Goggleheimer, who was last seen fleeing onto the island after attempting to murder Troy. Unfortunately he was unable to help with their investigation, and we came to the conclusion that Goggleheimer must have doubled around the island and fled the area while they were engaged at the house. However, this old man appeared to be unconnected with the incident, and as yet has been involved in no other suspicious activity – that we know about, that is!


This psychiatrist treated Phones when his competency came into question after he detected phony radio signals that led to the destruction of a crude oil shipment. Temporarily relieved from duty, Phones made an appointment to see the psychiatrist who had rented the house on Lemoy. Following this meeting, Phones informed us that he had gotten so mixed up over the incident that he even thought he had seen the room spinning around – but since it subsequently transpired that the radio signals Phones heard were real and generated to decoy Stingray, we can only put this claim down to the severe stress he was under at the time. I mean, rooms spinning around? Preposterous!

Mr. ‘X’

Special security agent ‘X’ entered Marineville disguised as a fan of Duke Dexter, during the pop star’s visit to the base as part of the W.A.S.P. recruitment drive. Making contact with Dexter’s manager Sandy Gibson (without my knowledge, I might add!), this ‘X’ was able to take charge of security arrangements for Duke’s visit – which included temporary accommodation for the star at the house on the island of Lemoy. Claiming to have occupied the property while the owner was abroad, ‘X’ then revealed himself to be an agent of Titan when he abducted Duke and took him to Titanica shortly thereafter. While Dexter was (thankfully) returned to Marineville unharmed, subsequent investigation of Mr. X’s credentials revealed him to be a phony, but he disappeared before he could be apprehended. It just goes to show that you should only rely on official uniformed W.A.S.P. officers at times like this, because like I always say; Marineville’s security is second to none!

Well, most of the time anyway…

These are just four of the individuals known to have spent time on the island of Lemoy when we’ve had trouble here in Marineville. However, there have been other suspicious characters hanging around the base on occasion who bear a strong resemblance to these known agents; from windows cleaners to pilots and even a lawyer! Y’know, just between ourselves, I’m beginning to suspect these are all the same agent wearing some kind of clever disguise – but perhaps one day we’ll be able to get to the bottom of this baffling mystery!

Written by
Chris Dale

Writer, editor & voice actor on Big Finish's Doctor Who, Terrahawks, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet audio ranges. Host of the Randomiser on the Gerry Anderson Podcast.

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