Supercar Heads For Space! – A Gerry Anderson A21 News Report

by A21 Reporter Andy Clems

The incredible Supercar team have done it again in an extraordinary voyage to investigate a mysterious unknown object in space!

Mike Mercury, pilot of the Supercar, was in command of the unusual mission and said, “Supercar can do pretty much anything we ask it to, but going into orbit is a big ask! Last time we tried it, things almost ended in disaster. This time we wanted to be sure everything would go according to plan.”

What prompted this hazardous journey into the black void beyond the stratosphere? Professor Popkiss explains, “Using our televiserscope, ve discovered an unusual light source approaching ze Earth at great speed. Neither myself or Doctor Beaker could explain vat it could be and so, our curiosity peaked, ve decided to investigate using Supercar.”

Doctor Beaker added, “The Supercar was not intended to traverse the vacuum that exists outside our…um…atmosphere. In order to discover the answer to our…er…problem, we had to make significant modifications to the air frame and the…uh…life support unit. The results, I think we can agree, were satisfactory. Most satisfactory!”

Launching from the team’s laboratory at Black Rock, Nevada, Mike Mercury flew Supercar on a steep flight path towards the limit of the craft’s atmospheric capability. Once at the edge of space, he engaged Supercar’s modified RCR (reaction control rocket) system.

“Once I was free of the upper atmosphere, Supercar’s new space-drive system worked perfectly,” said Mercury, “It was as smooth as flying over Black Rock on a calm day. I saw the light source at once. After I switched on Clear View and operated the long range photo lens, I got a few shots of the object as it approached. Just then, it suddenly turned and moved back along its course at a fantastic speed. I couldn’t begin to get near it before it was completely out of range.”

Mike’s photographs, developed on his return to base, shows a startling image of what may be described as an extra-terrestrial craft. However, due to the quality of the photographs, experts cannot say what the object is for certain. Speculation continues and astronomers around the globe remain on alert for any future sightings of these strange objects.

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