Supercar: Renegade Robot! – A Gerry Anderson A21 News Story

It was another incredible adventure for the Supercar team as a renegade robot caused chaos in a series of robberies orchestrated by the dastardly villain Masterspy!

The B1 robot, a new invention from the mind of noted scientist Doctor Horatio Beaker, was designed and developed as a prototype remote controlled defence sentry for high security vaults. Constructed at the Supercar team’s laboratory at Black Rock, the B1 was put through its paces in a series of trails designed to test its operational effectiveness.

Despite some unintentional interference from Mitch the Monkey, the tests were entirely successful and B1 was delivered to the New York Police Department HQ on board Supercar for assessment in the field.

Unknown to the Supercar team, the dastardly arch-criminal mastermind known as Masterspy had learned of the new invention and had already formulated a devious plan to get his hands on it for nefarious purposes. As always, he was aided by his partner in crime Zarrin, who was posing as a police officer in order to gather further information about the robot.

Mike Mercury, Professor Popkiss, Doctor Beaker and B1 were led through the station house to a training range in a yard at the rear. None of them paid much attention to the junior officer with the large mustache following with their escort. However, Zarrin on the other hand was paying particular attention to the small electronic gadget with which Doctor Beaker was controlling the robot’s movements.

After a display that impressed the Chief of Police, the Supercar team were led back into the conference room while B1 remained in the training range. As Doctor Beaker stepped inside, the disguised Zarrin bumped into him, hurriedly uttering an apology before leaving through the doors to the training yard. Beaker tutted to himself absentmindedly as he joined the Chief, Mike and Popkiss in the conference room.

The Chief was delighted with the demonstration and asked what the limit of the robot’s receiver range was. Doctor Beaker prepared to demonstrate and fumbled in his pockets for the remote. Then, with some alarm, he discovered that it was not there.

The group swiftly retraced their steps to the training range, hoping to find the control unit along the way. They opened the doors and stepped outside just in time to see the junior officer climbing the wall at the end of the range, with B1 following behind him.

He glanced back and saw that he was no longer alone. As the Supercar team and the Chief rushed towards him, he started to sweat, weakening the glue on his phony mustache so that it fell from his lip. Just as Mike and the others realised who it was they were facing, Zarrin stabbed a button on the control remote.

B1 halted mid-way up the wall and turned its robotic head to face the Supercar team. With a great whoosh, a cloud of dull white gas sprayed from the grill which served as the robot’s mouth.

The four men halted in their tracks, throwing their hands up to their faces and coughing furiously as the powerful stun gas took effect. By the time the cloud of gas had cleared, there was no sign of Zarrin, or B1.

Mike and the others knew all too well what that meant. From Zarrin it was only a small step to Masterspy, and with a robot like B1 at his command, Masterspy would be more devious and dangerous than ever!


Written by
Andrew Clements

A writer, film maker and self confessed Gerry Anderson fanatic. Free to good home.

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