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Gerry Anderson on the BBC (part 4) – 2002 to 2014

Continued from Part 3… 2002 Having failed to find a consistent timeslot for the series during 2001, could the BBC keep Stingray in...

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Gerry Anderson on the BBC (part 3) – 1998 to 2001

Continued from part 2… 1998 On July 27th, the UFO episode The Cat With Ten Lives was among the programmes broadcast at very...

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Gerry Anderson on the BBC (part 2) – 1995 to 1997

Continued from Part 1… 1995 Continuing with weekday morning broadcasts, Joe 90 concluded its first run on BBC 1 with The Birthday on...

Captain ScarletSpace: 1999StingrayThunderbirds

Gerry Anderson on the BBC (part 1) – 1991 to 1994

Although Thunderbirds had premiered on British television back in 1965 and would be repeated several times over the next two decades, the fragmented...

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Scott, Virgil, Scarlet, Blue & Zelda join forces for Children in Need!

In a warm, nostalgia fest for viewers of all ages, the nation’s best loved puppets and classic children’s TV favourites will be making...

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“Confirmed!” The Anderson Actors of Blakes 7

UFO and Space:1999 were just two of the more prominent productions to grace the British science fiction television landscape in the 1970s. Over...

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It’s a Mindbender – why so many Gerry Anderson episode orders?

One question we see crop up frequently in relation to the various Anderson series (although not quite as often as “what does F.A.B....


5 shows and films that reused the UFO spacesuits

As we have seen previously many of the props and fittings from UFO were reused throughout the 1970s in other productions, and one...

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