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Space: 1999

“Foolish games!” The long lost orange tree of Space:1999!

The first episode of Space:1999‘s second season received a special fall preview on at least three American television stations in August 1976, ahead...

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FAB Facts: The alternative casting choice for Space:1999’s Maya

Season Two of Space:1999 introduced Catherine Schell as the lovable Maya, but in this FAB Fact we uncover another prominent actor of the...


FAB Facts: The Anderson Spin-Off Shows That Never Were

There are numerous Gerry Anderson shows to choose from, but it seems there are surprisingly few spin off shows. In the FAB Facts...

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Video: The Metamorphosis of Space:1999

“Do you prefer the first or the second season?” It’s one of the most hotly-debated questions in the Space:1999 community, with many fans...

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