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FAB Facts: The obscure film Derek Meddings worked on after leaving Century 21

ZPG is a mostly forgotten dystopian sci-fi film, but the FAB Fact segment from this week’s edition of the Gerry Anderson Podcast reveals...


FAB Facts: The tragic fate of Derek Meddings’ models

During production of various A.P. Films and Century 21 shows, Derek Meddings would sometimes take models home for his children to play with....


FAB Facts: The Century 21 special effects contribution to Crossplot

During the 1960s Gerry Anderson’s Century 21 special effects team did a very short sequence for the film Crossplot, starring Roger Moore. Having...

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FAB Facts: The Methods Used to Film Ejecting in Anderson Shows

As discussed in the FAB Facts section in this week’s edition of the Gerry Anderson Podcast, a simple trick to film pilots ejecting...


SFX Magic – The ‘Underwater’ Aquarium

For a series of shows that featured an awful lot of underwater scenes, it’s surprising to think that vehicles such as Stingray, Thunderbird...

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The enduring nostalgia of Fireball XL5

When Fireball XL5 first aired in 1962 it was the biggest and most imaginative television series yet produced by AP Films, who had...

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Top 5 Gerry Anderson vehicle battles

Most of the classic Gerry Anderson series are well known for their use of breathtaking model effects sequences, and one storytelling field in...

Derek Meddings interview from the archives

Derek Meddings Interview on the Gerry Anderson Podcast

This week we have an archive interview with Special Effects Supervisor Derek Meddings. Derek’s miniature FX work on Gerry Anderson shows like Thunderbirds,...

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Evolution of Icons. Discussing the Redesign of iconic vehicles.

Concept artist Chris Thompson shares his thoughts on how the redesign of various iconic Gerry Anderson craft have been handled. The subject of...


The Top 10 Thunderbirds Guest Vehicles

Ever dreamed of flying on board Fireflash (on a good day!) or taking the helm of the USN Sentinel? Now is the chance...

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