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FAB Facts: UFO’s Ed Bishop and his inspiration for Ed Straker

In order to inform the cold and calculating nature seen in SHADO’s Commander Straker, Ed Bishop recalled a documentary about an American missile...

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“Okay Father!” Five Anderson episodes for Fathers Day!

The majority of the Anderson shows to feature family units often (although certainly not always) spotlighted the father – be it Jeff Tracy,...


The Mark of Greatorex: UFO and The Power Game

Wilfred Greatorex may not be a name familiar to many Anderson fans, since it doesn’t appear on any completed Anderson production. However, he...


UFO – What We Know about Harlington-Straker Studios

To the casual observer, Harlington-Straker Studios may seem like any other bustling film studio you might expect to find in England, but only...


UFO – The unexpected journey of Ed Straker

UFO had one of the largest regular and semi-regular casts of any Anderson series, but only one character appeared in all twenty-six episodes...


The Alien Files

“Gentlemen, let’s concern ourselves with the three main questions regarding UFOs. One; where do they come from? Two; who are they? Three; why...

Beyond Anderson Ed Bishop

Beyond Anderson YouTube Series Launches with Ed Bishop Episode

There are many names that you might associate with Gerry Anderson series, but quite often you may not be aware of their careers...


Exclusive Interview: Ed Straker Speaks!

Dateline: September 15th, 1980 Ed Straker is the head of one of the UK’s biggest independent studios, Harlington-Straker Studios. Whereas most movie makers...


Finding Straker’s Car

Straker’s Car – An Obsession This weekend’s guest blog comes from Straker’s Car obsessive Sean Robinson. Many of you will already know about...

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UFO: The Complete Comic Collection