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FAB Facts: What if Century 21 Did the Effects for Star Trek? | A Tenuous Connection

In this week’s slightly tenuous FAB Fact, we learn that a company called Anderson Co provided the special effects for Star Trek, and...


FAB Facts: How deep-fake was used in Gerry Anderson: A Life Uncharted

Gerry Anderson: A Life Uncharted has now been released on Britbox, and features Gerry Anderson telling his story in his own words. Deep-fake...

PodcastSpace: 1999

FAB Facts: The Space:1999 characters that were set to replace Alan Carter & others

Space:1999‘s second season is infamous for its radical changes from the first season, as a big shake up amongst the cast was planned....


FAB Facts: The truth of how Five Star Five fell through

Five Star Five was Gerry Anderson’s answer to Star Wars, but the project never made it past pre-production – until this year with...


FAB Facts: The Anderson Spin-Off Shows That Never Were

There are numerous Gerry Anderson shows to choose from, but it seems there are surprisingly few spin off shows. In the FAB Facts...

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