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FAB Facts: What Happened to Space:1999’s Professor Victor Bergman?

Series 2 of Space:1999 saw many changes made to the show, including among the regular cast. Although not initially dropped, Barry Morse’s much-loved...


FAB Facts: When Terrahawks Characters Introduced Other Shows on CITV

As a way of promoting Terrahawks, the show’s characters spent October 1984 hosting CITV, introduce other classic children’s shows..

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FAB Facts: The Methods Used to Film Ejecting in Anderson Shows

As discussed in the FAB Facts section in this week’s edition of the Gerry Anderson Podcast, a simple trick to film pilots ejecting...


FAB Facts: The Brick Wall in the Thunderbird One Launch Sequence

There are various glimpses of the real world sneaking into Anderson shows, but in Thunderbirds, an easily missed one can be seen in...


FAB Facts: The Secret to Lady Penelope’s Wardrobe and other Supermarionation Clothing Facts

There was a very simple secret to the success behind Lady Penelope’s varied wardrobe in Thunderbirds. In the FAB Fact from this week’s...


FAB Facts: The Musical Mishaps of Vic Elmes on Space:1999

Barry Gray was the usual composer for many of the Anderson shows until the mid 1970s, but on one episode of Space:1999 the...

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FAB Facts: The Inconsistencies of Captain Scarlet’s End Credits

In the 60s, captioning episodes of TV was an expensive business. As Captain Scarlet had so many characters, a larger cast was needed...

PodcastSpace: 1999

FAB Facts: The Mishaps of Filming Space: 1999’s Soapy Space Brain Episode

During filming of the Space:1999 episode Space Brain, with guest star Shane Rimmer, the climax shows Moonbase Alpha flooded with antibodies in the...


FAB Facts – The Original Thunderbirds Stage Show!

In the early 1970s some former Supermarionation puppeteers, now working as Stage Three Productions, created a Thunderbirds stage show. It’s not very widely...


FAB Facts: Married Couples of the Anderverse!

Barbara Bain and Martin Landau, alongside Denise Bryer and Nicholas Parsons are often the most notable married couples who worked on Anderson shows,...

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