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FAB Facts: The One Gerry Anderson Show Lew Grade Refused to Back

Lew Grade famously was Gerry Anderson’s biggest supporter, funding many of his television shows and films, as well as actually buying out his...


FAB Facts: The Gift of Longer Thunderbirds Episodes for Christmas

In this Christmas related FAB Fact, we learn that the extension of the length of Thunderbirds episodes ordered by Lew Grade was in...

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An in-depth look at the aborted second season of UFO and the reasons for its cancellation, and how Gerry Anderson salvaged the vast...

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The enduring nostalgia of Fireball XL5

When Fireball XL5 first aired in 1962 it was the biggest and most imaginative television series yet produced by AP Films, who had...

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UFO 2 1999 – how it happened

During his association with Lew Grade and ITC, Gerry Anderson’s productions followed a regular pattern of production; most ran for only one season,...


The Protectors – the forgotten Anderson series?

Although The Protectors itself can hardly be said to be an entirely forgotten series relatively few people realise that was in fact a...

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