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Pod 172: Introducing Miikshi by Lindsay and Justin Lee

Miikshi is shy, sheepish, and a scientist! She’s also the hand puppet star of Justin and Lindsay Lee’s brilliant new family series available...


Miikshi is here to save the wool!

If you’ve been enjoying the recent interview with Justin and Lindsay Lee on the Gerry Anderson Podcast, their new series Miikshi has now...


Pod 171: Lindsay Lee, Justin Lee, and the Secrets of Thunderbirds

What will you learn in this episode of the Gerry Anderson Podcast? There is a link between the Thunderbirds 50th anniversary episodes and...


Pod 170: Puppets are the Main Mission of Justin and Lindsay Lee

Keeping a cautious eye on the moon, it’s the Gerry Anderson Podcast! Filmmakers, puppeteers, and all-around creatives Justin and Lindsay Lee talk about...


Pod 169: Justin and Lindsay Lee Talk Thunderbirds

Puppets! Models! Miniatures! In the tradition of Shane Rimmer, Miikshi creators Justin and Lindsay Lee are Canadians who joined the ranks of the Anderverse...

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