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An in-depth look at the aborted second season of UFO and the reasons for its cancellation, and how Gerry Anderson salvaged the vast...

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Space:1999 The Vault – now available to pre-order!

We’re very pleased to announce that the much-awaited Space:1999 The Vault book will finally be released this October – and is available to...

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FAB Facts: Sybil Danning’s Space:1999 tapes

In the 1980s, various Gerry Anderson shows had episodes bolted together to be sold on home video as ‘films’. One such show was...

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Video: The Metamorphosis of Space:1999

“Do you prefer the first or the second season?” It’s one of the most hotly-debated questions in the Space:1999 community, with many fans...

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Space:1999 – the ‘original’ Breakaway and Black Sun!

The first episode of Space:1999, Breakaway, entered production in November 1973. While the episode was scheduled to be shot within ten days filming...

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Space 1999 – A Tale of Two Moons?

When Space:1999’s second season premiered in 1976 with The Metamorph, fans were greeted with a substantially different series than the one that had...

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Martin Landau Has Died

We are very sorry to hear that Martin Landau, best known to Anderson fans as Commander Koenig in Space: 1999, has died aged...

Happy birthday Martin Landau

Happy Birthday Martin Landau!

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