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Fireball XL5 – 60th Anniversary Celebration Roundup!

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Fireball XL5 on Friday October 28th 2022 there’s a real boss collection of video events lined up...

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Fireball XL5: Cloud of a Billion Lights on vinyl

With the 60th anniversary of Fireball XL5 looming, Anderson Entertainment has decided to re-launch the iconic and collectable Century 21 record label originally formed in...

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Anything Can Happen: Anderson Annuals and Anderson Audio Annuals

From as early as 1957’s The Adventures of Twizzle, the various television series associated with Gerry and Sylvia Anderson enjoyed a plethora of...

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Pod 215: EXCLUSIVE – TV21 Audio Annual 2022 – Anything Can Happen Preview

Tune in to this week’s episode of the Gerry Anderson Podcast for a free and exclusive preview of Anything Can Happen, the upcoming...

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New TV Century 21 Audio Annual Featuring Classic Anderson Adventures

Building on the success of their growing audio book and audio drama range, Anderson Entertainment is pleased to unveil a new range of...

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Thunderbirds: Four Hours to Eternity [FREE DOWNLOAD]

What better way to celebrate Thunderbirds Day than with a FREE audio download? The Official Gerry Anderson Store is delighted to offer everyone...

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Get Ready For Thunderbirds Day!

On September 30th, 56 years ago, the legendary TV show Thunderbirds made its debut! Since then, it has captivated the hearts and minds of...


‘Gerry Anderson’s Night In’ streaming watchalong!

Network Distributing and Anderson Entertainment present a feast of Gerry Anderson classics in a streaming ‘watchalong’ from 7pm on the very first Gerry Anderson...

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First Action Bureau is Coming this October!

First Action Bureau is coming! This brand new free-to-access, full-cast spy-fi audio drama podcast series will be released weekly from 1st October 2020....

Space 1999 audio drama preview
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Space 1999 Audio Drama Preview

A Space 1999 Audio drama preview is available for you to listen to on the Gerry Anderson Podcast Pod 65. It’s the first...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection