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FAB Facts: The origins of the rockets used in Thunderbirds & Century 21 shows

The origins of the rockets used in Thunderbirds and various Century 21 Productions are themselves steeped in a history of rescue. Find out...


FAB Facts: The Century 21 special effects contribution to Crossplot

During the 1960s Gerry Anderson’s Century 21 special effects team did a very short sequence for the film Crossplot, starring Roger Moore. Having...


SFX Magic – The ‘Underwater’ Aquarium

For a series of shows that featured an awful lot of underwater scenes, it’s surprising to think that vehicles such as Stingray, Thunderbird...

Derek Meddings interview from the archives

Derek Meddings Interview on the Gerry Anderson Podcast

This week we have an archive interview with Special Effects Supervisor Derek Meddings. Derek’s miniature FX work on Gerry Anderson shows like Thunderbirds,...

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20 Thunderbirds vehicles you may have seen in other shows

The Century 21 model department usually had a lot of work to do preparing the latest episode of whichever show they were currently...


Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm Pilot is GO!

After many months of preparation, shooting began this week on the pilot minisode for Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm. This minisode will be used to...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection