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Gerry Anderson movie logo T-shirt range

Now available in our online store are two new T-shirts sporting the logos for each of the original Thunderbirds feature films! Whether you...

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Gerry Anderson Day T-shirts and mugs

To help Anderfans celebrate and support the first international Gerry Anderson Day on 14th April 2021, the Official Gerry Anderson Store has released the official...

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Breakaway Day 2018: New Space 1999 Merchandise

To celebrate Breakaway Day 2018, we’ve launched some brand new Space: 1999 merchandise. Check out our latest tees, hoodies and socks!

Space 1999 t-shirt
Merch NewsNewsSpace: 1999

Space 1999 T-shirt Wins Monthly Tee Contest!

Chris Thompson’s stunning Space 1999 t-shirt design is the winner of this month’s Anderson t-shirt contest and is available exclusively to pre-order until...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection