Terrahawks Spacehawk Launched into Orbit!

5th March 2020 – A toy from legendary TV creator Gerry Anderson’s series Terrahawks has been sent high into Earth’s atmosphere to celebrate 2020 – the year that the cult 1980s series was set.

Gerry Anderson’s 1983 series Terrahawks was set in 2020, the year that Zelda – an evil android alien invader – arrives in our solar system and sets up a base on Mars. In the series, Spacehawk was an orbital station tasked with being Earth’s first line of defence against incoming alien incursions.

The 1980s Bandai Spacehawk, still in its original packaging, came from the personal collection of Jamie Anderson, son of the series’ creator Gerry Anderson, and was returned safely to Earth via parachute after its high-altitude voyage. The toy will be auctioned for charity later in the year as part of a package put together by Anderson Entertainment and Raptor Aerospace.

The launch took place in Australia courtesy of UK-based Raptor Aerospace who have recently been voted one of the world’s top 50 space companies. They have been working quietly on the first launch of their Peregrine program for the past three months and were rewarded with a flawless launch of the ‘Peregrine ATV’ rocket from a private launch site in Queensland.

The classic 39 episode series of Terrahawks has experienced somewhat of a renaissance over the past five years with three full-cast audio drama series produced by Big Finish Productions, continuing from where the original series left off.

2020 is set to be a big year for Terrahawks with an announcement last year that the series is to be rebooted for a modern audience – a co-production between Anderson Entertainment and Tiny Giants LLC. A limited-edition orange vinyl release of music and an audio story from the series has also been announced for Record Store Day 2020.

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