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This week in Gerry Anderson news!

Okay news roundup, you’re clear for launching!

This week’s edition of the Gerry Anderson Podcast launched on Sunday evening at 7pm, and featured the second part of an interview with Doctor Who star – and Anderson fan – Nicola Bryant! If you prefer to stick with traditional audio-only rather than our new and improved video format you can still catch it (and all other previous episodes) every week either through our website or via your podcast platform of choice.

Also new this week over on the Gerry Anderson Randomiser Podcast (also available on all podcast platforms) Spectrum deployed their forces to catch Captain Black, in the Captain Scarlet episode Manhunt!

Yesterday saw the launch of our long-awaited new Thunderbird 2 premium collectible model! More than half the stock is now sold, so if you haven’t already placed an order you can pre-order yours right now at a special week-long discount price from the Official Gerry Anderson Store! These Thunderbird 2 models are strictly limited to one per customer, and will begin shipping in mid-April! Which model would you like to see us produce next?

Earlier in the week we also published an article revealing full details about the model, which you can read here!

If you missed the news previously, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Stingray, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s first full-colour Supermarionation series, is launching on Talking Pictures TV next Saturday (March 2nd) at 3pm! And what a lovely trailer the channel has shared this week to promote it!

Popular Anderson episodes that first aired in the UK this week in years past include Supercar‘s Operation Superstork (February 18th 1962), Space:1999 first season broadcast finale The Last Enemy (February 19th 1975), New Captain Scarlet‘s Instrument of Destruction part 2 (February 19th 2005), Stingray‘s Invisible Enemy (February 21st 1965), The ProtectorsA Pocketful of Posies (February 22nd 1974), Captain Scarlet‘s Treble Cross (February 23rd 1968), Fireball XL5‘s Flight to Danger (February 24th 1963) and ThunderbirdsBrink of Disaster (February 24th 1966).

News roundup liftoff complete – report back for more next weekend!

Written by
Chris Dale

Writer, editor & voice actor on Big Finish's Doctor Who, Terrahawks, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet audio ranges. Host of the Randomiser on the Gerry Anderson Podcast.

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