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This week in Gerry Anderson news! (August 5th 2023)

This week in Gerry Anderson News

Keep this frequency clear – and listen in for the Gerry Anderson news roundup!

This week’s edition of the Gerry Anderson Podcast launched on Monday, and featured the first half of an interview with the legendary actor and writer Nigel Planer! If you prefer to stick with traditional audio-only rather than our new and improved video format you can still catch it (and all other previous episodes) every week either through our website or via your podcast platform of choice.

Ever wondered what Nigel’s earliest Anderson memories are? Have a look at the above clip! 

Also new this week over on the Gerry Anderson Randomiser Podcast (also available on all podcast platforms) movie time continues with the second half of Doppelganger, aka Journey to the Far Side of the Sun!

On Wednesday this week’s FAB Fact video investigated the animal antics that went on during filming of the Space:1999 The Metamorph! Watch the video to find out more!

Now shipping from the Official Gerry Anderson Store is our trio of new mini-album adventures from the worlds of Fireball XL5, Stingray and Captain Scarlet, released in environmentally friendly card sleeves featuring artwork echoing the Century 21 mini-album designs of the 1960s! The set includes re-releases of full-cast audio dramas Cloud of a Billion Lights and Terror Fake (previously only available as part of the now-OOP deluxe Network Blu-ray releases of Fireball XL5 and Stingray respectively) plus the new audiobook adaptation of the Captain Scarlet TV21 story Martian Menace!

Also back in stock at the Official Gerry Anderson Store are three titles previously released through Network and out of print following the demise of the company. These titles are;

The Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson (DVD)

Stand by for Action! Gerry Anderson in Concert (DVD & Blu-ray)

Gerry Anderson: A Life Uncharted (DVD & Blu-ray)

Please note that these discs are new pressings rather than old Network stock, but made using the same disc masters and case artwork (albeit with the Network logo removed) as the previous releases. So if you already had the Network editions, you’re not missing anything here!

New today on our YouTube channel is a short feature examining the origins of Lady Penelope’s faithful manservant Parker, featuring both Gerry Anderson and David Graham!

AC’s been at it again with another installment of Ander-answers – this time exploring just how Captain Scarlet was freed from Mysteron control!

Celebrating birthdays this week were UFO stars Steven Berkoff (August 3rd) and Wanda Ventham (August 5th) while popular episodes that first aired in the UK this week in years past include The Protectors’ Ceremony for the Dead (August 4th 1972), Supercar‘s The Tracking of Masterspy (July 30th 1961), Space Precinct‘s The Forever Beetle (August 5th 1995) and Space 1999’s The Bringers of Wonder part 1 (August 4th 1977).

We’ll be back next weekend with another Gerry Anderson news roundup – so stand by for launching!

Written by
Chris Dale

Writer, editor & voice actor on Big Finish's Doctor Who, Terrahawks, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet audio ranges. Host of the Randomiser on the Gerry Anderson Podcast.

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