Thunderbird 4 Hits the Road for Alzheimer’s Society!

Thunderbird 4 hits the road for alzheimers society

Will Thunderbird 4 Make it to Benidorm?

Four International Rescue agents from Henllan in Wales are getting aboard Thunderbird 4, and taking part in this year’s Manchester to ‘Benidorm or Bust’ Charity Rally, raising funds for Alzheimer’s Society Cymru.

Tony Adams has modified a Vauxhall Zafira into a ‘Thunderbird 4’, International Rescue’s underwater rescue vehicle, which even includes bubble makers in the rear ‘tails’. The team are looking for donations via their Just Giving page:

thunderbirds 4 hits the road for alzheimers society

He said: “I lost both my grandparents to dementia and it’s a worry that one day my parents, myself or my daughter may be affected by it too.

“I couldn’t think of a better charity. I asked my team-mates if they would consider uniting with one charity and they all agreed it was a great choice.”

Tony added: “When we were looking for a vehicle I put a post on Facebook asking if anyone had any cheap cars. I got a message from Vicky and Paul, a couple I’ve known for a long time, and they offered me a car for free. Paul had also lost his mother to dementia and Alzheimer’s Society Cymru, was a fitting charity choice for us all.”

thunderbirds 4 hits the road for alzheimers society

Tony and his ‘Team Thunderbirds’ – Daniel Rostron, Liam Clements and Luke Patterson – will leave Manchester on 12 June wearing the famous blue uniforms from the cult 1960s children’s TV series, and hit the road to Benidorm.

They hope to complete the journey to the Spanish holiday resort inside five days.

Tony continued: “This is the second time we have done the Benidorm or Bust rally. It’s an amazing event, with 200 cars all customised, all raising money for their charities.

“The atmosphere is fantastic, everyone working together, helping each other, some cars don’t make it all the way, but there’s always someone willing to give other participants a lift to the finish line.”

The route will see the team go through Tours, Biarritz, Madrid and then on to their final destination in Benidorm.

Tony said: “We have a target of £1,500, we hope we make it and we’ll be amazed if we can exceed it. We got our Thunderbird on the road early with the hope that it will raise even more money for people affected by dementia in Wales.”

Ruth Owen, community fundraiser in North Wales for Alzheimer’s Society Cymru, said: “All of us at Alzheimer’s Society Cymru are absolutely gobsmacked by the work Tony, Daniel, Liam and Luke have done to their Zafira. Every pound that they raise will help us defeat dementia.”

There are more than 45,000 people living with dementia in Wales today, estimated to reach 100,000 by 2055.

Ms Owen said: “We aim to be there for every person who receives a diagnosis of dementia. Until we find a cure we will strive to create a society where those affected by dementia are supported, accepted and able to live in their community without fear or prejudice, and Team Thunderbirds will help us get there.”

Team Thunderbirds is looking for businesses to buy advertising space on Thunderbird 4 and individual sponsors. Visit the team’s Just Giving page at

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