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Thunderbirds Danger Zone Live Play!

Tonight, 8th September 2022, Monkeys with Fire are doing a live game of our recent card game Thunderbirds: Danger Zone.

Using characters and missions from the classic British sci-fi television series, players in Thunderbirds: Danger Zone work as a team to avert disasters worldwide and beyond. Players take turns as Jeff, deciding what resource needs to be deployed and where. Players might use their cards to help get the right amount of fuel Scott needs for a rescue or to deliver the tools and gadgets needed by Lady Penelope to chase The Hood. Only Jeff can make the changes needed to ensure success. Every moment counts and if the numbers don’t add up vital time will be lost. Can you work as a member of the International Rescue Team, save those in peril and bring everyone home safely? “Stand by for action!”

Watch the live stream, and join in with the chat from 7pm UK time, or rewatch the stream whenever you like!

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