Thunderbirds: Little Robot Lost! – A Gerry Anderson A21 News Story

Reboot sequence complete. Checking default parameters. Stand by. Stand by. Error. Name – unknown. Location – unknown. Running diagnostic. Diagnostic complete. Malfunction detected. Damage has been sustained. Prudent course of action – seek assistance. Begin recording log.

I am in a dense jungle, it is day, judging by the position of the sun through the trees, it is around noon, local time. I cannot be more specific. The malfunction that prevents me from remembering my name has also affected my internal chronometer.

I do not recognise the area, but I am able to recall that it has flora and fauna native to the South American continent, so for now I will make a logical assumption that I am somewhere in South America.

I have attempted to send a distress signal, but my communications circuitry appears to be non-functional. I believe it should be the priority for repair once I have located assistance.

Several small quadrupeds have scattered from my path. Their cries indicate they are afraid of me. I do not understand why as I know that I pose them no threat. Perhaps my appearance is strange to them and they have not seen a being like me before.

The jungle foliage is especially dense at this point and I find that I am unable to pass, so I will proceed east, where the terrain appears to slope downward.

As I near the base of the slope, my audio sensors detect the sound of water. It is a river, approximately twenty feet in diameter. It is blocking my path and I must find a way to proceed if I am to locate assistance.

Thirty minutes pass as I search for a way to cross the rapidly flowing water, then my visual processing unit detects an object that may be of assistance. It is a a tree, snapped at the base, perhaps by strong wind. The trunk stretches across the river and is forming a makeshift bridge. I will attempt to cross it.

The tree is slippery and my metal feet find it difficult to maintain stability. My arms flail wildly trying to keep from toppling over into the torrent of water.

I reach the other side safely and the jungle becomes less dense. A large snake slithers past, apparently uninterested in my presence. Some creatures fear me, some seem not to notice me. Biological organisms are most unusual.

I reach the edge of the jungle after another thirty minutes. I detect a small group of buildings. There is smoke drifting from one of them. My thermal imaging sensor detects residual heat, but nothing more. It was a fire, but it has recently been extinguished. Lives are not in danger. This is good.

I make my way towards the buildings, it stands to reason that I may find assistance there.

As I approach, I see several humans outside. They are being treated by medical personnel and appear to be in good health.

Two other humans notice me. They rush over, shouting loudly. One is wearing a blue uniform with a yellow sash, the other has blue optical enhancement lenses covering his eyes.

They appear to be most pleased that I have arrived. It seems that I was providing assistance with their rescue operation when a powerful electrical discharge caused me to sustain damage and rush off into the jungle.

My memory banks contain no data pertaining to these events. However, the human with the blue optical enhancement lenses says that he can repair the damage to my systems and memory banks. He calls me by the name Braman.

I will go with these humans. This is the end of my log. I have discovered who I am. I am Braman.

Written by
Andrew Clements

A writer, film maker and self confessed Gerry Anderson fanatic. Free to good home.

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