Thunderbirds Merchandise

Thunderbirds merchandise is FAB!

Thunderbirds merchandise is FAB!Thunderbirds merchandise remains as popular as ever. The 1965 classic Supermarionation series has spawned hundreds of lines of toys, games and other licensed products. Despite being over half a century old it continues to gather new fans, and still delights grown-ups who saw the original series during their childhood. The nostalgia for Thunderbirds merchandise is as strong as it ever has been.

Whether your favourite vehicle is Thunderbird 2, or you’re more of a Lady Penelope gal (or guy) then the Gerry Anderson Store has everything you could possibily need. We carry all the latest Thunderbirds merchandise lines from all over the world – including Japanese products which are always beautifully made and highly detailed.

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But what’s your favourite peice of merchandise you’ve ever bought? Perhaps it was the Dinky Thunderbird 2? The Vivid Imaginations Tracy Island? Or did you have to make a Blue Peter one? With thousands of toys and collectibles made over 6 decades, we’d love to hear about your favourite.

You can post on this page, share your image with us on Twitter or Facebook, or email us using the contact form. Show us your collection!

So, if the iconic “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – Thunderbirds are go!” countdown sends shivers down your spine, or gives you that warm nostalgic glow, then the Gerry Anderson Store is the place for you! We have loads of Thunderbirds merchandise – from Thunderbirds t-shirts and badges, to build-your-own Thunderbird 1 and Thunderbird 2 kits. Have a look – it’s all F.A.B!

And remember – by purchasing from the Gerry Anderson Store, you’re supporting the activity of Gerry Anderson’s production company Anderson Entertainment. Anderson Entertainment seeks to maintain and promote the legacy of the great Gerry Anderson – celebrating his classic series like Thunderbirds, as well as developing and creating new content based on Gerry’s archive, or projects created in the Gerry Anderson spirit.

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