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Thunderbirds: Operation Asteroids

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Thunderbirds are coming in to land at Big Finish Productions with a FAB new full-cast adventure from Anderson Entertainment due for release later this month. The classic Supermarionation series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson returns to audio in Operation Asteroids – the latest in the series of enhanced audiobook adaptations based on the John Theydon novels originally published in the 1960s. This time, the legendary International Rescue team face disaster on a mission to the Moon – but who will rescue the rescuers?

What starts out as a simple rescue mission to save a trapped miner on the Moon soon turns out to be one of International Rescue’s greatest catastrophes. After The Hood takes members of International Rescue hostage during the rescue, a chase across space and an altercation among the asteroids only worsens the situation. With The Hood hijacking Thunderbird Three along with Brains, Lady Penelope and Tin-Tin, it is up to the Tracy brothers to stage a daring rescue in the mountain tops of his hidden lair. But can they rescue Brains before his engineering genius is used for the destructive forces of evil?

Jon Culshaw (Dead Ringers) returns in the dual voice roles of Jeff Tracy and Aloysius Parker alongside Genevieve Gaunt (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) as Lady Penelope and Grandma Tracy. The ensemble cast is completed by Anna Leong Brophy (Shadow and Bone, This is Going to Hurt), Wayne Forester (Elden Ring, Stella), Joe Jameson (Great Expectations), and Justin T. Lee (Thunderbirds).

Producer Andrew Clements says: “I grew up watching Thunderbirds and remain a huge fan of the series. This is the sort of adventure that I always wished I could see on TV, and being part of the team that has made it happen on audio has been an incredible experience.” Director Samuel Clemens adds: “Operation Asteroids finds our Thunderbirds team split up, kidnapped and hurtling across space. It is a really expansive adventure with peril hot on the heels of International Rescue’s crew at all times, keeping the tension up to the end! At the same time, we delve further into the relationships between Lady Penelope, Parker, Jeff Tracy and The Hood and his mysterious lair.”

Praise for Thunderbirds: Terror from the Stars:

“Whether you’re a fan of the original series looking for a nostalgia rush or someone new to Thunderbirds, chances are this will leave you smiling from ear to ear.” — Warped Factor

“It’s pure magic to hear Genevieve Gaunt and Jon Culshaw’s chemistry flourish as Lady Penelope and Parker.” — SecurityHazard.net

Thunderbirds: Operation Asteroids is now available to pre-order for just £16.99 as a digital download exclusively from www.bigfinish.com. It is also available for pre-order as a four-disc CD box set or hardback reprint from the Gerry Anderson Store.

Four-disc CD box set

Hardback reprint


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