Thunderbirds Thursday: Must-Have Collectible Items for Ultimate Fans

With a wealth of Thunderbirds items produced over the last six decades, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of what your collection needs! Here are our five must-have items for all Thunderbirds fans!

Scalextric FAB 1

Lady Penelope’s iconic FAB 1 is now a Scalextric car and ready for racing on a Scalextric set! The customised six-wheel 1:32 scale Rolls Royce is the biggest single car ever produced by Scalextric and is based on the original classic series. It features Parker driving and Lady Penelope in the back giving the orders, and comes with a full luxurious interior as well as that iconic grille up front. 

Danger Zone card game

Thunderbirds: Danger Zone is a fast-paced cooperative family card game! Using characters and missions from the original Thunderbirds TV series, players work as a team to avert disasters worldwide and beyond. Players take turns as Jeff Tracy, deciding what resource needs to be deployed and where. Players might use their cards to help get the right amount of fuel Scott needs for a rescue or to deliver the tools and gadgets needed by Lady Penelope to chase The Hood. Only Jeff can make the changes needed to ensure success. Every moment counts and if the numbers don’t add up vital time will be lost. Can you work as a member of the International Rescue Team, save those in peril and bring everyone home safely?

Mole model kit

Among the range of officially licensed Thunderbirds model kits from manufacturer AIP still available through the Official Gerry Anderson Store, we have The Mole! The Mole is a manned 30 ton tunnelling machine, carried to the rescue site by a caterpillar tracked trolley and is normally transported to the danger zone in Thunderbird 2. Build your own replica of one of the few pod vehicles to appear in numerous Thunderbirds episodes!

DVDs & Blu-rays

Every Thunderbirds fan needs to own the classic Thunderbirds television series and feature films, and the Official Gerry Anderson Store can provide! From the original series on DVD and Blu-ray, to 1966’s Thunderbirds are Go on DVD and Blu-ray, to 1968 swansong Thunderbird 6 on DVD and Blu-ray, the Official Gerry Anderson Store can offer the complete Thunderbirds saga to all UK fans!

Thunderbird 2 bottle opener

Inspired by International Rescue’s iconic heavy-duty transporter, this unique bottle opener takes the form of the meticulously detailed front of Thunderbird 2 – and brings an exciting sense of adventure every time you pop open a bottle! Measuring 120mm in length, 135mm in width, and 75mm in height, this opener boasts a high-quality, robust construction that guarantees durability while beautifully capturing the authentic look of the beloved craft.

Those are our picks – but have we missed one of your must-have Thunderbirds items? Browse the Thunderbirds collection at the Official Gerry Anderson Store to see if we have it in stock!

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Chris Dale

Writer, editor & voice actor on Big Finish's Doctor Who, Terrahawks, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet audio ranges. Host of the Randomiser on the Gerry Anderson Podcast.

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