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Top 5 Gerry Anderson pets

You’d think that the constant action and non-stop thrills of your typical Gerry Anderson series would mean that many of their stars wouldn’t have time to care for pets – but thankfully, that wasn’t the case! Here are five of the most faithful animal friends in the Gerry Anderson universe: our Gerry Anderson pets coundown!

#5 – Zoony

The Fireball XL5 crew found this Lazoon on the planet Colevio and brought him back to Earth where he was adopted by Doctor Venus and currently lives with her at her beach house. Zoony has three main hobbies; sleeping, eating, and getting into trouble. His favourite food is Martian Delight, despite almost dying after eating a bar that had been poisoned as part of Kudas of Xanadu’s plot to exterminate the entire Lazoon species. Venus is currently training Zoony to speak, although his repertoire currently doesn’t extend much beyond the phrases “Howdy folks!” and “Welcome home!”

Not sure how exactly that qualifies him to fly XL5, but whatever.

#4 – Zil

This furry alien parrot was adopted by the Brogan family shortly after they moved to their new apartment in Space Suburb Delta orbiting the planet Altor, and she now spends most of her time sat on her perch near their fridge waiting to be petted – as well as hoping for scraps and treats that may come her way. Zil has a lot to say for herself which she expresses through chirps and squawks that only Brogan’s daughter Liz can translate, even if we find it a little suspect that most of these translations equate so closely with Liz’s own thoughts and feelings.

Although it could equally be that Liz is merely covering for Zil’s foul-mouthed anti-biped tirades.

#3 – Mitch

Mitch is Jimmy’s faithful pet monkey and near constant companion, and the main source of comic relief in Supercar. Always creating mischief and prone to fits of rage this oversized simian is nonetheless fiercely loyal to the Black Rock team, despite often landing them in just as much trouble as Masterspy ever did – if not more. Mitch also has a gift for music and in the final episode of Supercar a subtitled conversation with ape drummer King Kool confirms Mitch’s true personality as a jazz-loving beatnik, which provides a delightful retrospective insight into the character’s behaviour throughout the previous episodes.

Fun fact; Mitch is the only Supermarionation character to ever have sex during an episode. Isn’t that fun?

#2 – Gus

Despite only being occasionally seen on the show Harry Rule’s handsome Irish wolfhound featured so prominently in the opening titles of The Protectors that he almost appeared to be more important than either of Robert Vaughn’s co-stars, as scenes of Harry and Gus’ morning routine were inter-cut with exciting action scenes that gave viewers a rough idea of what they could expect from the show they’re about to watch. Gus may not have made many appearances but is notable for being the only four-legged regular character in a live action Anderson series, and always stole the show whenever he appeared.

Gus was also voted ‘dog with hair most like his owner’ in 1972, you know.

#1 – Rocky and Dusty

A bit of a cheat for the top slot, but how could we possibly choose between Sheriff Tex Tucker’s two trusty sidekicks Rocky the horse and Dusty the dog from Four Feather Falls? Gifted with the power of speech thanks to two of the four magic feathers in Tex’s hat (and the multi-talented voice of Kenneth Connor) this dynamic duo are now able to share in the adventures of their master, and are just a couple of the most charming elements of the many that make up the wonderful world of Four Feather Falls.

And if that’s not a world you’re familiar with then Tex may have to arrest you for somethin’.

So what are some of your favourite pets from the Gerry Anderson universe? Would you like to know what became of Alan Tracy’s pygmy alligator? Did you ever dream of owning a lizarat? Were you terrified of Teufel? Or are you annoyed that Oink didn’t make the list? Let us know your favourites in the comments below!

Written by
Chris Dale

Writer, editor & voice actor on Big Finish's Doctor Who, Terrahawks, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet audio ranges. Host of the Randomiser on the Gerry Anderson Podcast.

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