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Top 5 Gerry Anderson space stations & satellites

For those of us who wish we were a spaceman it’s important to have a base of operations in space from which we can embark on our exciting adventures, as well as high-tech satellites to keep an eye on things. The Gerry Anderson universe has a multitude of these, and here are five of our favourite Gerry Anderson Space Stations.

#5 – Space Dock

Probably the most realistic entry on this list (due to the model being constructed largely from Saturn V rocket kits) the Interplanetary Space Station appears early in the first episode of Space:1999, at which we see docked the Meta Probe in preparation for its historic voyage to the rogue planet. Sadly both the Probe and the Station were spectacularly destroyed when the Moon was blown out of orbit on September 13th 1999. The Station later appeared again during the flashback sequence of Dragon’s Domain, where it was the launching point for the similarly ill-fated Ultra Probe three years earlier.


#4 – Precinct 88 station house

The Space Precinct station house may not be the most attractive item on this list, but it’s clearly one that was designed with function very much in mind. With six docking bays atop the station’s main body and a communications array designed for both planetary and interplanetary use it makes a very effective headquarters for the Precinct 88 team as it sits in permanent geostationary orbit over Demeter City on the planet Altor. And is it just our imaginations, or does it appear to have a rather striking resemblance to Captain Podly’s head?

You can’t unsee that now, and you’re welcome.

#3 – Space Suburb Delta

The Brogan family certainly couldn’t have found a nicer place to live when they relocated to Altor. Space Suburb Delta is perhaps the most beautiful space station in Gerry Anderson history and the interior is no less impressive, with each of the station’s twenty living units all coming equipped with multiple bedrooms, a lush garden, a hopper bay, and a spectacular view over Altor. We’re also going to assume that despite Brogan’s family getting terrorised by baddies seemingly every two episodes life for the station’s other residents is still relatively pleasant and uneventful.

It’s unlikely that anyone else on the station is getting regularly accosted by murderous time-traveling cyborgs, for instance. Except the Connor family, obviously.

#2 – Thunderbird 5

Where would International Rescue be without Thunderbird 5, the space monitor satellite that detects and records all incoming calls for help? Despite not being the most dynamic of the Thunderbirds craft in function or design Thunderbird 5 is a vital part of IR’s operations, so much so that even a minor fault aboard can paralyse the entire organisation. While in theory the Tracy brothers take turns manning this lonely outpost it mostly seems to be down to poor old John to shoulder this thankless task alone, with the desperate voices of disaster victims pleading for help his only companions.

Still it was at least kind of Jeff to put the words INTERNATIONAL RESCUE right across the inside window like that, just in case John forgets who he’s supposed to be working for.

#1 – Space Intruder Detector

While SID may not have had much of a function beyond shouting “Ooh look, Aliens!” and then going back to sleep the fact that he did so in the voice of Mel Oxley certainly helps elevate him to the top of this list. The voice and permanently-surprised face make it hard not to imagine SID as a character in his own right rather than just another satellite – and really, who doesn’t feel a tinge of sadness when he gets shot by the Aliens in The Man Who Came Back? Which, coincidentally, was also the episode to reveal that SID is actually female.

Which is cool with us, but we do have one or two questions…

We’re sure we must have missed out several terrific Gerry Anderson space stations and satellite designs here – what are some of your favourites? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by
Chris Dale

Writer, editor & voice actor on Big Finish's Doctor Who, Terrahawks, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet audio ranges. Host of the Randomiser on the Gerry Anderson Podcast.

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