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Top 5 strangest Gerry Anderson aliens

Aliens – where would the Gerry Anderson shows be without them? Some are friendly. Some are not. Then there are those who are just…strange. Here’s a selection of our five favourite Gerry Anderson aliense. Or perhaps we should call them “otherworldly weirdos”!

#5 – The Mercurians

At first glance these Mercurians, Kalmus and Planitimus, look like fairly typical guest aliens from Fireball XL5. What earns them a spot on this list is that they appeared in an episode of Supercar.

Yes, aliens exist in the Supercar universe, who knew? The Day That Time Stood Still opens with a narrator introducing Mercurius as the “planet of dreams”, as we see Kalmus being dispatched to Earth to appear in Mike Mercury’s dream in order to give him a magic sash because he is “Earth’s number one citizen”. The Mercurians seem both creepy and boring, is what we’re saying.

“So how exactly do I go about taking out a restraining order on you guys?”

Again, there are aliens in the Supercar universe who can invade your dreams. Huh.

#4 – Armand Loyster

“He’s different,” says Captain Podly of this business executive from Melazoid One, and there’s no denying that! Armand Loyster’s ‘different’ qualities include his body odour, his mucus-y handshakes (which also hinder his ability to play cards), and his extendable tongue which he can use to catch tasty swamp flies – or unwanted homing devices! Loyster is also a big-hearted family man whom Brogan and Haldane grow to admire over the course of Protect and Survive, and he is certainly one of the most memorable and likeable Gerry Anderson aliens Space Precinct ever presented – we’d have loved to see him come back!

Demeter’s swamp fly population would be less keen, however.

#3 – Cold Finger

One of the few Terrahawks aliens who wasn’t allied with Zelda, the master of ice Cold Finger nevertheless worked with her on a scheme to attack the Earth until she got bored and went home. Undeterred Cold Finger pressed on with his plan alone – and almost succeeded too! His spaceship contains a magnificent ice palace, but unfortunately, ice is no match for that most important element of any Gerry Anderson series – a big explosion! Still, Cold Finger did live a very long life, being responsible for Earth’s first ice age millions of years ago – and his touch can freeze you instantly!

“However the effect is sadly temporary!”

#2 – Chlorophon

The titular Plant Man from Space is easily the weirdest alien to ever appear on Fireball XL5, and if you’ve seen even a few episodes of the show you’ll know how impressive a claim that is! The creation of mad scientist Doctor Rootes, the Chlorophon spends his days on planet Hedara dancing and plotting galactic domination while waiting for his creator to bring home human captives to turn into more of his kind! Luckily the XL5 crew have Robert on their side, and the fight between robot and plant is easily one of the funniest things you’ll ever see.

“Behold my crotch!”

Amazingly enough, the Chlorophon puppet still survives to this day, and was sold at auction recently for £3200!

#1 – Plasma Aliens

We’ve given these guys the top spot because even after all these years we still don’t know what to make of them. They’re terrible, ingenious, scary, grotesque, goofy, menacing and just plain bizarre all at once, and whether you love them or hate them you have to admit there’s been almost nothing else like them in any other show or film. Space:1999 made a bold move by serving up these aliens as the antagonists for The Bringers of Wonder, and the results are unique if nothing else! Just don’t put them in a chase scene, we’ll be here forever.


With so many weird and wonderful Gerry Anderson aliens to choose from we’re certain we’ve missed out somebody’s favourite – did yours make the list? If not let us know in the comments below which bizarre alien was your fave!

Written by
Chris Dale

Writer, editor & voice actor on Big Finish's Doctor Who, Terrahawks, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet audio ranges. Host of the Randomiser on the Gerry Anderson Podcast.

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