Anderson Entertainment is pleased to announce the first Gerry Anderson project entering pre-production: Twizzle:2099.




Melding two of Anderson’s most cerebral shows; Twizzle 2099 will see a futuristic re-imagining of Space:1999, but this time with the more believable twist that Moonbase Alpha is run by toys. Commander John Twizzle will head up the Alpha team, together with Dr Helena Footso. It’s also hoped that Space:1999 stars Zienia Merton and Prentis Hancock will join the voice cast. Other details remain sketchy at this time, although Anderson Entertainment have comfirmed that the series will be shot using Hypermacromation – an advancement of the techniques used on Terrahawks in the early 1980’s; fondly remembered by fans as some of Anderson’s finest work.

twizzle 2099“You’ll see darker stories than you might expect from your usual Anderson productions;  with unexpected twists, and some unusual romantic encounters! Dad also felt that the painted-on eyes from Twizzle had a certain magic that was never recaptured by the Supermarionation puppets, so we’ll be reinstating those” said Jamie Anderson, Gerry Anderson’s younger son. “This is a concept that Dad was truly passionate about, and I can’t wait to see the response from fans”.




Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

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