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UFO SHADO Technical Operations Manual – launching TODAY

Further to last week’s briefing about the upcoming UFO SHADO Technical Operations Manual, Jamie Anderson was joined by designer and author Chris Thompson and co-writer Andrew Clements on September 26th to further discuss the contents of this exciting book – including its special limited-edition version!

As discussed previously, this full colour 208 page book features more than 180 brand new CGI illustrations of familiar elements from the UFO television series, including SHADO HQ, Moonbase, Skydiver and the Moonbase interceptors. Rarely seen vehicles, such as the Hummingbird and Albatross, are also covered, while Mike Trim’s original design for the Moonbase interceptor is brought to life as a prototype machine constructed and tested during the ten-year period that SHADO was being established – a period which is also covered in the book!

The SHADO Kingfisher – only seen on TV in one episode – is one of the many vehicles explored.

In addition to vehicles and bases, the Manual also includes new renderings of such familiar elements as weapons, uniforms, spacesuits, and even the makeup kit radios worn by female Moonbase personnel! Character biographies for key personnel are also featured.

Explore the technology of SHADO; weapons, communicators and more!

In the spirit of the book being a training manual for new recruits designed to bring them up to speed on SHADO operations, several operational procedures (such as Mobile deployment strategies to contain and hopefully capture a crashed UFO) are also outlined in full 3D graphic renderings. Advice is also included for any operatives who find themselves directly facing a UFO or its Alien occupants, while several theories are also postulated regarding why the UFOs work the way they do.

The UFO SHADO Technical Operations Manual will be available in both standard and special edition formats. Limited to just 500 units worldwide, the limited special edition is presented in a bespoke SHADO-issued box containing a range of ephemera including replica props from the series (SHADO plastic document wallet, photo of the alien planet, Moonbase checklist) and two sets of Ed Straker plastic ID cards. The SHADO ID features a unique number (001 to 500) and acts as your certificate of authenticity. The box also contains ‘from the desk of Ed Straker’ letterhead from Harlington Straker Studios, a SHADO spotters guide, future Moonbase expansion plans, and a movie poster used to cover up the events of The Cat with Ten Lives.

The limited edition set includes bespoke SHADO case & various important documents!

Pre-orders go live at 5:30PM BST on 27th September 2022 on the Gerry Anderson Store, with special editions only available direct from the store. We expect the books to start mid-late October in the UK, and late October/early November outside the UK. The special edition is strictly limited to one per customer.

Don’t forget – the book goes up for pre-order at 5:30PM BST on 27th September 2022 on the Gerry Anderson Store! While the standard edition will be around for many years to come, the special edition is limited to just 500 copies and will not be reprinted. The special edition of the Space:1999 Moonbase Alpha Technical Operations Manual sold out in under two hours in 2021 – and we expect the SHADO Manual to disappear just as quickly!

All space trackers to be fully operational at 5:30PM BST on 27th September 2022 – the UFO SHADO Technical Operations Manual is on positive track!

Written by
Chris Dale

Writer, editor & voice actor on Big Finish's Doctor Who, Terrahawks, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet audio ranges. Host of the Randomiser on the Gerry Anderson Podcast.

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