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You’ve Never Seen These streaming event; what you need to know!

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Undeterred by the fact that they live one hundred years apart, Dr. Beaker and Professor Matic have been getting their heads together. The results are, as you might expect, most satisfactory and real boss! Before you think we’ve gone completely tootie, may we suggest you join us and our friends at Network for a very special evening’s entertainment where you can view the results of their endeavours.

Let’s have a look at the night’s line-up in detail:


Gerry’s directorial debut – and one of the earliest shows on ITV, debuting less than a fortnight after London broadcasts began on 22 September 1955 – this popular series showcased curiosities from around the world for everyone’s entertainment!

Thought lost for over sixty years, the 35mm elements for this episode have been scanned in High Definition specifically for this Night In!


A series of luxury yacht hold-ups sees the Supercar team hot on the trail of a modern-day pirate!


The crew of Fireball XL5 have to deal with six Granatoid tanks – robots of hostile intelligence!

And be sure to stay tuned till the end of the evening… because you never know… anything could happen!

The entire evening is a Beakermatic Production, courtesy of those esteemed scientists – who, despite being unable to appear in person, and being chronologically separated by a century, will nevertheless be your hosts for what promises to be a unique event in Gerry Anderson history. Gerry Anderson Presents: “You’ve Never Seen These” does exactly what it says on the film can! To access the event, just go to the Network on Air website and sign up for a free account ahead of the event on November 25th.

Join us live on 25th November from 6:30 pm (GMT) for a night of previously unseen Anderson entertainment!

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