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10-10 for Original Props at Gerry Anderson Auction!

10-10 for Original Props at Gerry Anderson Auction!

Terrahawks, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet fans are in for a real treat as Ewbank’s will be auctioning a priceless collection of original props, puppets and other FAB pieces from the series!

Original Terrahawks Dr Tiger Ninestein

Long thought to be missing or junked, the rare hoard of items was saved from destruction after being gifted to Bray Studios driver and handyman Julian Bell. Mr Bell stored the wonderful collection for over 30 years, but sadly he passed away in 2019.

Thanks to Julian’s careful storage of the items, a wealth of Terrahawks’ most prominent puppets and props have survived in fantastic condition! The items included in the auction encompass such rarities as the original Tiger Ninestein puppet, a collection of Zelda’s Cubes as well as gloriously detailed hero models of Battlehawk, Space Tank and the MEV!

It’s F.A.B!

Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet fans have reason to be excited too as the auction will also include a quad cinema poster from the Supermarionation film Thunderbirds Are Go and the original puppet head of Spectrum hero Captain Ochre!

Going, Going, Gone!

The auction is due to take place at Ewbank’s Auction House in Surrey on November 30th, and promises to be a fantastic experience. The early estimates value the Gerry Anderson lots at hundreds of thousands of pounds, so the competition to own these pieces of TV history is sure to be fierce. You can read more about it here!

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