Condor Captured by Supercar Team! – A Gerry Anderson News Story

by A21 Reporter Andy Clems

The Supercar Team have pulled off an incredible victory by reclaiming the prototype Condor craft from MasterSpy’s nefarious clutches.

The Condor, a new vehicle designed by Professor Popkiss and Doctor Beaker, was created to act as an evaluation model for testing new features before incorporating them into Supercar. Although outwardly similar in appearance to the Supercar, the Condor’s electrical and flight characteristics differ in many ways.

Mike Mercury, the intrepid pilot of both craft said, “Give me Supercar every time! The Condor’s great when she’s sitting in the lab, and I might even say the seats are a little more comfy too. The second you get her into the air though, forget it. Supercar has a certain beauty and grace to the way she moves. The Condor handles like a tricycle with a rocket strapped to its back. Fine if you need to get somewhere in a hurry and don’t need to do anything as complicated as turning slightly or slowing down gradually…”

Doctor Beaker added, “The uhh… Condor is what you might describe as a uh… one trick horse. We built it around speed as that was the er… characteristic we wished to test our uh… latest inventions on. Of course we would never dream of risking the Supercar itself on such er… experimentation. The very notion!”

The Doctor’s long-time colleague and friend Professor Popkiss elaborated, “Ve vere highly intrigued by ze maximum theoretical speed attainable by ze Supercar design. However, rather zan risk ze Supercar herself, ve decided to build an expendable substitute, one with vhich ve could test our designs without fear of damage. I suppose ve may have made it a little too powerful though, if Mike’s impressions are anything to go by!”

The testing of the Condor’s new features, including an ultra-speed navigational aid, went well until an unexpected fallout in performance forced Mercury to land the craft in the desert. Unknown to the Supercar Team, the dastardly MasterSpy and his henchman Zarin had been observing the routine test flights and had caused the failure with an ingenious electronic jamming signal.

While Mercury radioed for assistance and tried to get a fix on his surroundings, MasterSpy was able to sneak up from behind and knock the pilot unconscious. Leaving him slumped against a rocky outcrop, MasterSpy and Zarin made off with the prototype craft at high speed.

Supercar was soon on the scene, flown by Professor Popkiss. When Mike recovered his senses, he was eager to get after MasterSpy and get the Condor back. While the Condor didn’t possess Supercar’s radio controlled flight system, it did have a tracking device on board, something MasterSpy could not have known about.

It didn’t take long for the team to track the villain to his hideout in the Grand Canyon, where a false wall concealed the entrance to his lair. Creating a diversion outside (with a little help from Mitch and Jimmy), Mike was able to sneak in and swipe the Condor from under MasterSpy’s crooked nose. Naturally the authorities had been called and as Condor and Supercar took to the air, the sound of rapidly approaching sirens reached them.

Alas, MasterSpy was one step ahead and evaded capture, but the police force are optimistic that they will have him safely under lock and key in the near future.

Back at the Black Rock Laboratory, the Condor is being fitted with an advanced security lockout to prevent such a mishap from happening again. It is unknown at this time whether the Condor will take to the sky again, but stay tuned to A21 for any further developments!

Written by
Andrew Clements

A writer, film maker and self confessed Gerry Anderson fanatic. Free to good home.

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