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Anderson Artist Shoutout!

Many Gerry Anderson fans know me for my Anderson themed artwork. In fact, with almost 70 Anderson specific images on my deviant art page (shameless plug), one could argue that I am somewhat obsessed.

Rather than talking about myself however, there are plenty of brilliant artists to be found on the Internet, displaying their creations on DeviantArt, Tumblr, forums etc.

Here is a short list of some of the artists who have inspired my Anderson-centric work. Check out their respective pages by clicking on their username.

Haronis75/Daryl Joyce

A popular Doctor Who artist, having worked on Doctor Who Magazine and more recently on the Power of the Daleks animation. Daryl’s Anderson work is always fun to see. His DeviantArt gallery features some really nice scenes of Cloudbase and Stingray, as well as some very interesting Thunderbirds re-designs.

Rob Casswell

I first encountered Rob’s incredible Star Trek artwork quite early on in my adventures in DeviantArt, and I was pleasantly surprised to find many UFO and Space: 1999 works in his gallery. I’ve always enjoyed his awesome space vistas, and the creative compositions he comes up with in each piece of his work.


Ever wondered what Thunderbird 4 would look like if it was owned by the W.A.S.P, or if the metropolitan police had access to the Spectrum fleet? Wonder no more as WS-Clave’s DeviantArt gallery is a comprehensive database of real life vehicles, fantasy craft and creative livery mash-ups. You can get lost in the hundreds of images that are in his gallery.


LibrarianBot has a wonderful gallery full of Daleks, Cybermen and Transformers, but I think his Thunderbirds designs really stand out as been quite exceptional. The world obviously agrees as I keep seeing his Thunderbird 3 design being mistaken for the real thing!


These are just four artists and there are many more talented people out there. Let us know who your favourite Anderson artists are and send us links to their work on our Facebook page!

Written by
Chris Thompson

A freelance Artist and Film-maker based on a not so secret island in the East Atlantic. Grew up up on the Anderson series reruns in the 90s and have always strived to create works that are as interesting and exciting.

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