SHADOcon 2

SHADOcon 2 Event Report – UFO guests, displays and more

SHADOcon 2 – a fan celebration of Gerry Anderson’s UFO as well as his film Doppelganger – took place at QUAD in Derby...


Build Thunderbird 2 in your Living Room!

Build Thunderbird 2 in your Living Room! Dreaming of being part of International Rescue? Scale modelling experts ModelSpace recently caught up with UK-based scale...

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Space Precinct: Reloaded: Returning to Demeter City

Announced back in October 2017 during FAB Live, Space Precinct: Reloaded is a revival of the 1994 TV show Space Precinct, set 10...

Space 1999 Eagles By Nick Macarty

Space 1999 Eagles by Nick Macarty

Nick Macarty is a digital artist and runs the Space 1999 by Nick Macarty Facebook page. We asked him to talk about the various exciting...


Captain Scarlet Retaliation

Captain Scarlet Retaliation The title Captain Scarlet Retaliation may not be instantly recognizable to fans of Spectrum’s finest officer, but it was the name...

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Spectrum Hovercraft Model available to pre-order!

Spectrum Hovercraft Model available to pre-order! To celebrate the recent 50th anniversary of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, we’re thrilled to announce this...


FAB Fan-made Thunderbirds Figures!

FAB Thunderbirds Fan-made Figures! Thunderbirds are definitely go with these wonderful Pop!-style fan-made figures of the legendary Tracy brothers! Thunderbirds fan Jessica Walters has previously...

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Special Assignment: A Mission Report!

Special Assignment: A Mission Report! On the 50th anniversary weekend of Captain Scarlet, Fanderson undertook a Special Assignment in honour of the Captain’s...

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Teaching Inspired by Gerry Anderson

If you’ve tuned into the last few episodes of FAB Live, you may well have heard the name Peter Littman being mentioned by...

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Captain Scarlet at Monster Charity Project 2017

Mysterious Captain Scarlet bust sighted! It’s fair to say that you can’t help but notice that there’s something a little unusual about these...

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UFO: The Complete Comic Collection