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Special Assignment: A Mission Report!

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Special Assignment: A Mission Report!

On the 50th anniversary weekend of Captain Scarlet, Fanderson undertook a Special Assignment in honour of the Captain’s birthday. We took a look to see what celebrations were in store for Anderson fans.

Special AssignmentThere was a full takeover of the event in Maidenhead for the 50th anniversary, with a Spectrum vehicle parked right outside to guide guests in!

Aside from the insightful talks from a cavalcade of guests, there were separate zones for all interests –  “Expo 2068” had some incredible models, including a full Spectrum lineup which you can see below. There was a colossal model of Zero X and even some Terrahawks intruders! Brains’ Workshop showed you how to operate one of the iconic puppets correctly, and Goggleheimer Productions Viewing Theatre had a whole host of Anderson releases for anyone and everyone to feast their eyes upon (we enjoyed a few minutes of Supercar).

Spectrum officers – ready to meet the convention delegates!

There was a whole variety of fans attending the weekend, and some incredible cosplayers. In terms of guests there was a fantastic lineup, including the likes of David Graham (the voice of Parker and Brains), Liz Morgan, Mary Turner, Paul Weston, Matt Zimmerman, Brian Johnson and Peter Hitchcock, Mike Noble and Graham Bleathman, to name but a few! They’ve worked in all manner of ways connected to Gerry Anderson’s Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds, from voice work and modelling, to music and merchandising.
Even Wayne Forester, voice of the indestructible hero from New Captain Scarlet (and voice artist on the new Spectrum Files) was able to turn in for a surprise visit.

Wayne and Liz were delighted to receive their copies of the Spectrum Files and the 50th Anniversary Limited Edition boxset (which you can pick up at the Anderson store).

There was a whole host of of amazing merchandise available over the weekend as well, including these models of Scott, Virgil and Gordon Tracy as well as Captain Scarlet himself from Big Chief Studios (available from Gerry Anderson store), t-shirts, and some incredible Anderson memorabilia. We were even able to reunite the 50th anniversary boxset with one of the original vinyl mini albums.

Captain Scarlet and the Tracy brothers are ready for action!

You could also have picked up a signed copy of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: The Vault, signed by author Chris Bentley.

Mike Noble and Graham Bleathman, hard at work!

Fanderson managed to raise  £1,951.20 for the charity which will be divided between Orchid and the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund, which sounds FAB to us!

That, and coupled with the news of Captain Scarlet’s return to Blu-Ray with Network Entertainment, Spectrum was most definitely Green!

Did you attend the Special Assignment Anniversary event? Let us know you favourite memories!

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