Build Thunderbird 2 in your Living Room!

Build Thunderbird 2 in your Living Room!

Dreaming of being part of International Rescue? Scale modelling experts ModelSpace recently caught up with UK-based scale modeller Eddie who has just finished the 1:144 scale Thunderbird 2. Read on to find out how he brought part of the Thunderbirds universe into his living room!

Judging by how good his completed Thunderbird 2 kit looks, it’s clear that Eddie developed a strong eye for detail from a young age. With any model you build, it’s important to take care with every part, and to take your time making sure every piece is in its correct place.

Build Thunderbird 2 - Inside the Pod
Inside one of the pods of Eddie’s 1:144 scale Thunderbird 2 model

As Eddie mentions, one of the best tips for scale modellers is to take time reading instructions before you jump in. He also likes to examine each of the pieces in detail, to get an idea of how they fit in the overall model – a great tip for all modellers!

Build Thunderbird 2 - Pod Vehicles
Several of the support vehicles included in Eddie’s 1:144 scale Thunderbird 2 model kit.

Like most of the De Agostini ModelSpace kits, the Thunderbird 2 is made up of several smaller parts that add incredible detail to your finished model. From the large Thunderbird 2, to the 20 smaller support vehicles, there is plenty to keep you busy and it can certainly be a challenge. But if you are committed and follow the handy instructions, you’ll end up with a brilliant model just like Eddie’s!

Build Thunderbird 2 - Inside the Pod
Eddie’s completed 1:144 scale Thunderbird 2 model

Build your own highly detailed 1:144 Thunderbird 2 scale model today!

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