Thunderbirds: Famous First Words!

In preparation for Thunderbirds Day 2023, Brains has been hard at work getting everything ready and providing us with all sorts of FAB news that we can’t wait to share with you.

But he’s also devised a challenge for Thunderbirds fans everywhere. Brains has reviewed every International Rescue mission log and extracted the opening line spoken by a character. Your challenge? To match these opening lines to the correct episode.

If you get stuck, you may be able to use a process of elimination and remember the code of International Rescue – not to give up at any cost. Good Luck!


1. Well, they’re bringing her out now.

2. Oh where am I? Must have fallen over – the ledge it broke my fall.

3. Six Noir! Six Black!

4. They’re gone, Alan…

5. Some storm, seems to be getting worse!

6. Hi there!

7. Oh dear, a butler’s work is never done… oh well, I shall have to finish reading about the Killer of Clapham some other time.

8. Gee, it’s like a dream, Mr Tracy – me at International Rescue’s headquarters…

9. We are now flying at three thousand feet, folks.

10. He’s late, you know?

11. That’s right father, when I got to the scene of the fire, they’d managed to get it under control – so it seemed best to leave them to it.

12. Now although this atomic station is still very much on the secret list, I can tell you that the sea water, so necessary in this irrigation project, is pumped to the station by the plant you can see on your left.

13. Good morning, Power.

14. International Rescue! If only I knew their secrets, I would be the wealthiest man in the world!

15. Now Captain – proceed with attack on Installation Y!

16. There it is, folks, there it is! For the first time in television history we’ve been able to rush our cameras to the scene of an accident and see the fabulous Thunderbird International Rescue team in action!

17. Firefly to Mobile Control – Going in now!

18. Where is it? Where is it?  

19. Oh, Constable, the light’s in my eyes!

20. International Rescue! So, now your members seek further glory in the hunting of ancient treasures!

21. This is Control – Flight D103 is making final approach – this is a Red Alert! Repeat, this is a Red Alert!

22. Attention – Solar Control Center to all personnel; 35 minutes to lift off.

23. Gee, it sure is hot, Maguire!

24. Yes Commander, six more like Ocean Pioneer and we’ll have the most modern fleet afloat!

25. Looks good!

26. Gee, just take a look at that one – oh I’d love to take a pot-shot at one of these brutes!

27. Well, Your Ladyship, you’ve done it – we can’t thank you enough for coming all this way to open the pass.

28. Just look at that thing, it’s like a monster from another planet!

29. Attention – Solar Control Center to all personnel; 19 minutes to lift off.

30. Right now, Son, just you get settled down for the night.

31. London Tower to Fireflash 3 – You’re clear to go.

32. There it is, Mitchell – the sun!


Here are the episodes we’ve taken the quotes from! So for example, if you think 1. Well, they’re bringing her out now. was said in A. Trapped In The Sky, your answer would be 1A.

Why not share the game with your friends and see who can score the most points?

THE ANSWERS (No peeking until you’ve had a go yourself!)

1Y 2U 3W 4I 5O 6R 7K 8$ 9C 10£ 11E 12F 13# 14A 15P 16S 17M 18T 19G 20Q 21& 22D 23J 24V 25N 26X 27@ 28B 29L 30Z 31H 32%

Congratulations if you got more than 50% of them right! If you got less than 50% right, it’s the perfect excuse to dive in and watch some more right now to top up your Thunderbirds knowledge!

Written by
Andrew Clements

A writer, film maker and self confessed Gerry Anderson fanatic. Free to good home.

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