FAB Fan-made Thunderbirds Figures!

FAB Thunderbirds Fan-made Figures!

Thunderbirds are definitely go with these wonderful Pop!-style fan-made figures of the legendary Tracy brothers!

Thunderbirds fan Jessica Walters has previously submitted photos of her fan-made figures depicting Scott and Virgil Tracy, but now the rest of the family has arrived on the scene! We asked Jessica how she produced the impressive line-up.

Assembling the team

“To make these guys I started with the Star Trek Pop! bodies and painted them International Rescue blue. For their sashes, I took ribbon in each of their colors and carefully wrapped and glued it around a piece of paper to give it some stiffness. Their guns actually came from another Pop! figure, but I made their spare gun tips out of clay. Then I carefully glued everything together and added their logos. For their heads, Scott, Virgil and Alan I used different Pop! heads, but Gordon and John I had to paint their hair. Then I put everyone together, sprayed them with a matte spray to give them that Pop!-style figure look, and they were done and ready for a rescue!”

Scott Tracy – Pilot Thunderbird 1

Scott Tracy is the fearless pilot of International Rescue’s spearhead rapid response craft, Thunderbird 1. Nerves of steel and a natural ability to command make him the perfect leader in even the most dangerous of rescue situations.

Off-duty, Scott is always equally at home playing checkers, hiking around the island, or discussing new rescue techniques with his father, Jeff.

Virgil Tracy – Pilot Thunderbird 2

Virgil Tracy is the heavy-rescue specialist, in charge of the mighty Thunderbird 2. Virgil’s technical expertise proves invaluable in operating the wide variety of pod vehicles carried by the huge freighter craft.

In his leisure moments, Virgil enjoys playing the piano in the Tracy lounge, and is a talented artist, although his brother Alan may be inclined to disagree!

Virgil Tracy – Pilot Thunderbird 2 (Thunderbirds Are Go!)

fan-made figures

Like his classic series counterpart, Virgil Tracy pilots Thunderbird 2 in Thunderbirds Are Go! This gentle giant is the biggest and strongest of the Tracy brothers, though his sense of humour is more than a match for his younger brother, Gordon.

Between missions, Virgil is usually spotted wearing his red shirt and jeans, and spends his time playing the piano and trying to avoid being a test subject for Grandma’s cooking.

Alan Tracy – Astronaut Thunderbird 3

Although he is the youngest of the Tracy brothers, Alan Tracy is no-less skilled as the astronaut of Thunderbird 3, International Rescue’s powerful space rescue rocket. He is equally adept at manning Thunderbird 5, a task he performs in month-long rotations of duty with his elder brother John.

Before International Rescue started operating, Alan had a highly successful career as a professional racing driver and still loves the thrill of high speeds and split-second maneuvers, whether behind the wheel of Brains’ latest race car or the controls of Thunderbird 3!

Gordon Tracy – Aquanaut Thunderbird 4

Gordon Tracy may be the practical joker of the Tracy family, but that doesn’t stop him from being deadly serious when the situation demands it. He’s also not afraid to risk his own life if there’s even the slightest chance to save another.

At home in the water just as much as on land, Gordon pilots Thunderbird 4 with a seasoned expertise gained during active service with the World Aquanaut Security Patrol.

John Tracy – Space Monitor Thunderbird 5

Quiet, watchful and alert, John Tracy is the primary Space Monitor in charge of Thunderbird 5, a duty he shares in rotation with Alan. Highly devoted to International Rescue’s mission, John is on permanent alert for incoming distress calls from around the globe.

Passing time between distress calls might seem like a boring task to some, but John fills much of this time by indulging in one of his favourite pastimes – astronomy. He has even written several books on his findings!

Our thanks to Jessica Walters for sharing her photos of these adorable Thunderbirds fan-made figures.
Have any of you made any custom Gerry Anderson figures? If so, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

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Written by
Andrew Clements

A writer, film maker and self confessed Gerry Anderson fanatic. Free to good home.


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