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Idris Elba talks Space Precinct on BBC One

Idris Elba talks Space Precinct on BBC One

Fans of Graham Norton may have noticed that there was a nod to Space Precinct from guest star Idris Elba in a recent edition of The Graham Norton show.

Whilst on the conversation of american accents, primarily discussing Idris Elba’s american accent in US TV show The Wire, Idris Elba’s part in 1994’s episode of Space Precinct came up. He plays a deliveryman for Sublight Pizza, but it’s not the traditional Idris Elba voice you would expect….

UK viewers can skip to 19:10 to see Graham Norton and Idris Elba discuss his re-dubbing in Space Precinct, with guest stars Kate Winslet and Chris Rock. (Unfortunately BBC iPlayer is unavailable for international viewers).

Idris Elba
Idris Elba explains his new voice with Kate Winslet on hand for support

This cameo part is taken from the fourth episode of Space Precinct, “Double Duty”. Space Precinct tells the story of the human, creon and tarn officers of Precinct 88 as they struggle to keep law and order in Demeter City on the planet Altor in the year 2040. Transmitted both in the UK and the US in 1994, it has picked up a lasting fan-base and is another essential part of the Gerry Anderson legacy.

For members of Amazon Prime, you can watch all of Space Precinct online via streaming, or purchase all the episodes for £16.99.

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